Monday, March 25, 2019

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Chris Rock’s Take on why Cannabis is Illegal is Way Too True

Chris Rock wasn't one of them. In his classic stand up "Never Scared" he takes us through why the government's been so keen on keeping cannabis illegal for so long.
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Facing the Realities, Treating Drug Addiction with a Marijuana Rehab

High Sobriety Marijuana Rehab co-founder Joe Schrank is himself 20 years sober and successfully used Alcoholics Anonymous to quit drinking.
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High Art, a Juxtapoz X Natural Cannabis Co. Brain Child

High Art, a Juxtapoz X Natural Cannabis Co. Brain Child Marijuana and art have always held each other close, being such an amazing medium to...

Tips for Being a Stress Free Stoner

Keeping these in mind when smoking pot will alleviate tons of stress for you in many different ways. Even just taking a few with you may just keep you your job.
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Jay Leno Buys into the Future, “Renew” the Hemp Car

Moving towards a greener world isn't easy, but it's a necessary step that we need to take to ensure we keep living on a beautiful planet.
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Does a Hot Box Get You Higher?

I think you need to try for yourself to get conclusive evidence
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Am I Dying, or Just Greening Out?

There are no verified cases of death in humans due solely to acute cannabis toxicity. It has been estimated that the amount a human would need to ingest to cause death by toxicity is around 40,000 times the amount required to get high.
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Why Sex on Weed is Always Better

The sensation we receive from using cannabis can be explained as blissful. No wonder why combining it with sex heightens the experience for everyone. Who needs oysters when we got a little bit of pot to toke on.
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Weed Scratch and Sniff Book is All You Need

‘We didn’t write it for a stoner mentality. Instead, the aim was to be the Sesame Street of weed: entertaining and educational,’
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Famous Quotes That Give you a Buzz

“When you smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Bob Marley