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The solution to cannabis’ energy problem could be in South America

Utilizing techniques that capture the sun’s energy are helping, but may not be enough to compete against nature. To deal with this issue, companies in the US and Canada have been looking to South America to solve this problem.
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First Dispensary in Saskatoon Set To Open—With a “One per Customer” Policy

The first legal recreational cannabis dispensary in the Canadian city of Saskatoon opened on Tuesday afternoon with a strict cap on purchases by customers.
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The legal marijuana market is exploding — it’ll hit almost $10 billion sales in...

Legal marijuana sales are predicted to hit $9.7 billion in North America in 2017, according to a new report from cannabis industry analysts Arcview Market Research, in partnership with BDS Analytics.
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Canadian Factory Workers Who Use Marijuana Could Be At Risk For Termination

Marijuana for adult-use is now legal in Canada, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that employers all across the country are all of sudden on board with weed in the same way they are with alcohol.
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First Nations want greater stake in cannabis and hemp industry

Cashing in on the “green wave” of Canada’s recreational cannabis industry is as much a question of sovereignty as it is profit for some First Nations communities and entrepreneurs.
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The 4 Weed Tycoons of Colorado

Among the individuals or ownership groups who’ve amassed clout in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry, four weed tycoons stand above the rest, according to state...

The Netherlands’ Master Weed Growers Are Flocking to Canada

It’s a rare Dutch traveller who hasn’t heard some version of “Amsterdam? I’ve smoked a doob or two there.” Forty years of coffeeshops in the Netherlands...
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Health Canada to revoke cannabis producer’s cultivation licence for first time

Health Canada is moving for the first time ever to revoke a Canadian cannabis producer’s licences to grow and sell marijuana, citing unspecified “unauthorized...
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One month after legalization, grey market cannabis shops doing brisk business

The three surveillance cameras and the steady flow of people in and out of the small, nondescript grey building are the only hint of the brisk...
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Cannabis vaping laws frustrate B.C. entrepreneurs

Canada’s rules around cannabis vaping are frustrating entrepreneurs and putting consumers’ health at risk, according to those in the industry.