Monday, May 27, 2019

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The Side Effects of Weed and Smoking Responsibly

There’s nothing wrong with smoking cannabis, but to avoid the stigma of the hopelessly irresponsible stoner, its important for us users to break those old stereotypes and show the world that we CAN smoke responsibly!
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Canada Refusing Medical Cannabis as a Disability Medication

An Ottawa woman living with multiple sclerosis says the province's refusal to cover the cost of medical marijuana is driving her to risk addiction to opiate painkillers.

Cannabis 101: Introduction to the First Experience

Now that you know your neighbours, neighbours neighbours, and the police officer down your block will be using cannabis, where do you go from here? Let's take a look at how to go about your first experience with cannabis.
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The Sweet Benefits of Edibles

Marijuana is a powerfully beneficial Plant. A bold statement perhaps, but likely true as cannabis continues to gain slow legality.
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5 Major Benefits of CBD Oil

As a fruition of marijuana’s medicinal magic, there is a new category of products that’s witnessing a rise in popularity today: CBD oil.
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Cannabis Lab Testing is the Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Cannabis Lab Testing is the Industries Dirty Little Secret. Cannabis Testing companies depend on these labs to determine the level of THC in their products or give them a pass with regards to mold, pests or pesticides.
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How CBD Isolate Can Benefit You Today

To know about any product, you must first look where it comes from. CBD Isolate is collected from cannabis or hemp plants using a number of procedures.
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CBD for Anxiety and Mental Health

It's no easy admitting that we may have underlying mental health issues. With the stigma around "being different" and "crazy" it's easy to push the root of our problems aside and continue fighting against an invisible enemy. There's no shame in dealing with, and looking to improve mental health. That's why we always encourage those who are looking to take control of their symptoms by introducing CBD to their life.
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Is CBD Legal In Canada?

With that being said, is CBD legal in Canada? That's a great question, we'll let Health Canada to explain it.
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How High? Researchers Say 25% of Canada’s Population Uses Cannabis

The authors believe the 5,000-sample size of randomly selected Canadians adults(18+) is accurate within a margin of error of 1.5% and represents both demographic and geographic variables correctly.