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Hemp vs Marijuana: CBD Oil Plants

In the days of old, hemp was one of the most utilized industrial plants, until marijuana prohibition curbed all that. The advent of new synthetic fibers that produced equally strong fabrics and fibers.
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Easing Your Arthritis with Marijuana

The term “arthritis” is actually a category that includes over 100 conditions and diseases affecting joints and surrounding tissue. Symptoms of pain, stiffness and swelling aching joints are common. Arthritis can seem inescapable and changes people’s quality of life.
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Cannabis Oil & CBD, Nature’s Pain Killers

The downside was that some rather important sections of my legs did not come out of it so well. Thankfully Cannabis Oil and CBD was there when I needed it.
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CBD Helps Save a Baby Girl With Rare Medical Condition

Emma began the old roller coaster ride of finding an epileptic medication that works. Although modern medicine has come a long way, typical pharmaceuticals are not very effective in combating seizures.
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Finding the Perfect Cannabis Dosage

The varying cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa play an important role in assisting and regulating the endocannabinoid system in your bodies.

Are you Having Vivid Dreams? Looks Like You Haven’t Smoked Pot

When I don't consume much cannabis through out the day, or for a few days it seems like my dreams are a movie that I'm playing out, but why? It's all to do with our sleep stages, and the way cannabis changes them. 
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Feeling Sore After a Workout? Add CBD to the Mix

Your muscles are sore and you're starting to contemplate whether being fit and athletic is even worth it. Like they say no pain no gain right?
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What is the Endocannabinoid System?

Endocannabinoids are our bodies natural THC. The name endocannabinoid itself comes from cannabis. Endo means within, while cannabinoid refers to a compound that fits into the receptor.
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Which Marijuana Strains Are Best for Me?

There are a wide variety of ailments or conditions that greatly benefit from the use of cannabis. Whether your condition is curable or marijuana eases the symptoms, there's plenty of different strains for your use.
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Done Being a Smoker? Quit Smoking Cigarettes with CBD

If you're ready to give up the life of a cigarette smoker, we got some great news for you. CBD has shown the ability to nick the addiction and lead you to a happy and healthier life.