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Keep your Kids Safe from Pot Edibles

Among the unintended effects of pot legalization is children hospitalized after engaging in their parents Pot Edibles, based on a brand new research within...
indica vs sativa

Comparing The Effects of Indica vs Sativa

Indica VS Sativa - What’s The Difference? Many of you have probably heard the terms Indica vs Sativa, but don’t know what the differences are....
phoenix tears

Phoenix Tears – The Secret Cure for Cancer

What if there was a cure for cancer that has been hidden from the general public? Is there a miracle cure that the pharmaceutical companies are hiding?
buy weed online

5 Tips on Buying from a Marijuana Dispensary

One of the ways you can purchase marijuana legally is by buying from licensed dispensary. Marijuana production is a growing business in Canada. Buying from licensed dispensary means you are getting trouble-free marijuana.
buy weed online

Don’t Go to a Marijuana Dispensary Until You’ve Read This…

Choosing a medical dispensary is often a nerve-wracking affair, especially to those who are first timers. Even if you have a prescription for medical marijuana, looking for the right place is often another story. Ordering your first package is often intimidating, and asking questions can seem difficult.

5 Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew Existed

The benefits of marijuana are wide-ranging. It is more than just a mind-altering drug. The medicinal benefits of marijuana are supported by real facts. There are plenty of high-quality studies that showed how marijuana can be useful for a variety of ailments.
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A Doctor’s Take on Pot: Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Grouped into the same Category as...

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced its decision to keep marijuana classified as a Schedule I drug. The federal government has historically referred to this category as the “most dangerous” group of substances, including drugs like heroin and bath salts.
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Marijuana Canada Patients Allowed to Grow Cannabis

Canadian medical marijuana patients can grow their own cannabis or get someone to grow it for them.
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Olympic Athletes Have Actually Been Allowed to Smoke Weed Since 2013

Does proof exist that marijuana actually is a performance enhancing drug?