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Online Marijuana Dispensary vs. Storefront Dispensary

If you are looking for convenience, then ordering weed from a mail order site is better for you. You do not need to drive and go physically to the store, no more waiting, or doing paperwork. As long as you have the papers and you purchase from trustworthy online sources, you can have good quality weed delivered to your place.
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Recreational Marijuana Threatened by Trump? Believe it.

President Barack Obama’s approach on marijuana was to not interfere with medical marijuana use in states, and be mostly hands off in terms of recreational marijuana in states. But he also pointed to a belief that imposing federal marijuana regulation isn’t an easy thing to do for a president.
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5 Tips on Buying from a Marijuana Dispensary

One of the ways you can purchase marijuana legally is by buying from licensed dispensary. Marijuana production is a growing business in Canada. Buying from licensed dispensary means you are getting trouble-free marijuana.
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Don’t Go to a Marijuana Dispensary Until You’ve Read This…

Choosing a medical dispensary is often a nerve-wracking affair, especially to those who are first timers. Even if you have a prescription for medical marijuana, looking for the right place is often another story. Ordering your first package is often intimidating, and asking questions can seem difficult.

5 Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew Existed

The benefits of marijuana are wide-ranging. It is more than just a mind-altering drug. The medicinal benefits of marijuana are supported by real facts. There are plenty of high-quality studies that showed how marijuana can be useful for a variety of ailments.
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Weed Coffee Shops in Amsterdam – How to Shop Like a Pro

If you've heard of Amsterdam, you must have heard about the coffee shops. If you've been here and did not go to the Coffee shops, admit it - you were a bit intimidated.
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How to Dab – Dabbing 101

Welcome to the world of concentrates. You can finally put your bong down, and pick your dabber tool up. OR with a few small additions, you can turn your bong into a dabbing phenomenon.
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Canada Marijuana Legalization Promises to Spark a $22.6-Billion Industry in Canada

Legalized recreational marijuana promises to spark a $22.6-billion industry in Canada, eclipsing combined sales of beer, wine, and spirits, a new study suggests.
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Most Cannabis Growers of Canada Are Otherwise Law-Abiding: Advocates

Gangs definitely play a role in the production and sale of the drug, but the Mounties have never proven to what extent, and all available research shows that most of those in Canada’s cannabis industry are non-violent and do not commit any other crimes.
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Medical Marijuana Producers, Small Businesses Look at Alternatives to Canada Post Despite Deal

The tentative pact between the postal service and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers was reached after warnings that mail delivery could be disrupted several times over the summer.