Saturday, January 19, 2019


cannabis legalization, grey market, grey area cannabis, cannabis shops

One month after legalization, grey market cannabis shops doing brisk business

The three surveillance cameras and the steady flow of people in and out of the small, nondescript grey building are the only hint of the brisk...
Cannabis For back muscles

What You Should Know About Using Cannabis for Back Muscle Pain

Wake up, sit in bed, grab your back – your back muscles are so tense, they could snap. Roughly 80% of Canadians and Americans suffer...
norman reedus, medical cannabis for children, raising money, cannabis children

Norman Reedus Raising Money for Children Using Medical Cannabis

Raffle winners will get autographed Walking Dead memorabilia. Funds will go toward supporting pediatric cancer research.   Norman Reedus, who plays the motorcycle-riding, crossbow-wielding badass Daryl Dixon...
cannabis vaping

Cannabis vaping laws frustrate B.C. entrepreneurs

Canada’s rules around cannabis vaping are frustrating entrepreneurs and putting consumers’ health at risk, according to those in the industry.
shakespeare, william shakespeare

Was Shakespeare High When he Penned His Plays?

Chemical analyses of residues in early 17th-century clay “tobacco pipes” have confirmed that a diversity of plants was smoked in Europe

Cannabis industry says it needs more approved growers to meet Canadian demand

More fully-licensed cannabis growers and cultivation space are needed to meet a voracious demand for legal marijuana, a spokesman for the industry said last...
ricki lake, cannabis, cancer

Former TV Host Ricki Lake Makes Doc About Treating Cancer With Cannabis

When actress/talk-show host/producer Ricki Lake started making the rounds recently doing interviews for her latest film, “Weed the People” — a documentary about treating...
thailand, medical cannabis

Thailand Moves One Step Closer to Legalizing Marijuana

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s legislature has officially proposed allowing the licensed medical use of marijuana, making it a potential trailblazer in Asia in legalizing...
cannabis regulation, health canada

Balancing Regulation and Environmental Impact in Canada’s Cannabis Industry

In the first few weeks following the legalization of adult use recreational cannabis in Canada, the industry has come under fire for what many consumers feel is an excessive, even shocking, amount of packaging.

Morgan Freeman Shoots Straight: On Legalizing Marijuana and His Escape From New York

You’ve all heard the voice—at once authoritative and passive, weaving every soothing syllable into an epic yarn. It’s guided you through forbidding prisons, alien...