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Cannabis concentrates appear in a variety of forms. Sometimes they’re on full display, like weed oil in vaporizer cartridges, and other times they fly under the radar in medicated balms and edibles.

Cannabis concentrates are a great option to get a more potent hit, with weed crumble being one of the best types to try out. Find out more about it here.
THC syrup won’t replace maple syrup on the breakfast table, but it might just be your new favourite way of medicating with cannabis!  From toppings on pancakes to crucial ingredients in jams and baked goods, all types of syrup are...
Bubble hash is a solventless cannabis concentrate that is celebrated for its potency and high terpene content. Learn more about how to use it on our blog.
The Science of Vaping Marijuana Oil & Concentrates Vaping and smoking are two popular methods of consuming marijuana. While both involve applying heat to the plant material, the temperature and resulting effects differ significantly. Understanding the science of vaping versus...
No, cannabis wax is not made to use weed candles - it's a tasty and unique cannabis concentrate that can you get baked! Learn more here!
Live Diamonds Hash is a new HTFSE cannabis extract that's gaining popularity for its delicious flavour and unique texture. Learn more here!
THC Diamonds, also known as THC Crystalline, is a new cannnabis concentrate gaining fame for its potency. Here's what it's all about!
There's always a way to enhance your high. Check out these 5 useful kief tips to boost your smoking experience!
How to smoke wax? There's more than one ways to enjoy this concentrate - whether you have an oil rig or not. Here's 5 ways to get you started!
Rosin is taking the cannabis world by storm, but you'll be forgiven if you find yourself asking "what is rosin?" Here's the scoop on this dab.