Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Grab those hiking boots and joints, we're going on an adventure!
They're places that aren't lenient towards weed. When you're in these countries don't take the risk of getting busted green-handed.
Chris Rock wasn't one of them. In his classic stand up "Never Scared" he takes us through why the government's been so keen on keeping cannabis illegal for so long.
High Art by Juxtapoz is an amazing medium to express creativity. Learn from our blog what it is, what the rules are and how to play it.
Moving towards a greener world isn't easy, but it's a necessary step that we need to take to ensure we keep living on a beautiful planet.
Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is a long-time marijuana scientist and sober activist. You would never expect him researching marijuana.
‘We didn’t write it for a stoner mentality. Instead, the aim was to be the Sesame Street of weed: entertaining and educational,’
Our list of famous marijuana quotes rings true to any weed smoker who enjoys weed and aware of its soothing and inspirational properties.
Keeping it hidden from her parents, Melita smoked all through elementary and high school without alarming her parents. Marijuana is a prominent figure in the Rastafari culture, as it promotes a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul. Although not all who practice the religion smoke cannabis.
In the top 10, not a single country has legalized marijuana recreationally, and countries like Uruguay and Portugal who have decriminalized cannabis aren't even close.