Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Harry Potter's lawyer claims that his client wasn't selling marijuana, simply picking up for his friends. It might not work but if it does that's clearly a new loop hole that everyone can jump through!
420 then became their own code identifying cannabis consumption or anything pot related. A nod and the numbers 4/20 were all thats needed to hit the statue and smoke.
Comedian and Late Night show host Jimmy Kimmel took a hit at marijuana laws in Canada. Going on to state " They must really want Seth Rogen back."
What is most likely Canada's first pot cafe, never have been shut down is quite remarkable. Open to the public to consume cannabis with the purchase of any item inside.
We were on the island of Koh Phangan, best known for its world class full moon party with 20-30 thousand party goers. We found a "Safe Haven" for enjoyers of ghanja rightfully named "Amsterdam Bar".
Everybody has a list of go to Stoner Movies when they can't pick one of the million B-rated pieces on netflix. Toke up and enjoy one of these classics.
420 is the largest celebration of pot in the world. In Canada there's no shortage of gatherings to attend.
With lots of uncertainty for Canadian Weed Dispensaries, what will be there fate? The Canadian government has set a date for..
Effects of Marijuana Are Like Chicken Soup When I smoke marijuana I don’t experience paranoia, or become incapacitated, or become violent. In my life, the effects of marijuana are that I feel more joy. My body feels better when I’m...
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