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What’s the best way to get medicate and get cooking with cannabis? Weed edibles & recipes! We love weed and want to share some of the fun and creative ways we like to get high with everyone’s favourite plant.

Unlike traditional forms of weed consumption, consuming weed edibles & recipes gives a different kind of experience altogether. When ingested, our livers metabolize the THC and transform it into 11-Hydroxy-Metabolite. This compound is said to be 10x more potent than regular THC and can also bypass the blood-brain barrier with ease. This means that not only will edibles get you higher, they’ll also act faster!

The high potency of weed edibles & recipes is one reason why we recommend all beginner users to start low and go slow. Try not to bite off more than you can chew if you can help it. Start with a 1mg or 2mg dose and then slowly work yourself up from there. Allow for up to 2 hours for the edible to “kick in” before consuming another dose.

For beginners, the recommended dose is 2mg to 5mg. More advanced users can feel comfortable consuming 10-15mg doses. Expert users or medical patients are free to consume doses of 15mg and up, although we do recommend practising responsible dosing!

From weed hot chocolate and gummies to medicated cannabis butter and drink mixes, the combinations are nearly endless. Whether you make your own or are looking to learn more about some of our favourite products, we hope you have a look at some of our weed edibles & recipes and get inspired to create today!


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cannabis kombucha

Cannabis Kombucha

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Cannabis Christmas Bark

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THC Snickerdoodles

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Cannabis Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

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