Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Want to smoke a few puffs from your comfy home without smelling up the whole place? Grab some of those dryer sheets in your laundry room and make yourself a sploof!
Finding a cannabis product that works for you isn't a treasure hunt anymore. Depending on what you're looking for out of your weed theres plenty of variety to choose from.
Mail Order Marijuana in Canada has become increasingly popular as patients no longer have to physically visit a dispensary just to get their medicine. Herb Approach provides a hassle free and friendly service, where the marijuana is discreetly shipped right to your door.
Some times life tries to bring you down. Just when you're dealing with your own problems, your friends dump theirs on you too.
Remember when your bong was brand spanking new and you promised to always keep her fresh? We'll show you an easy way to clean your bong!
With THC Distillates we get a pure, solvent free extract. This greatly increases your quality of product and allows for higher health standards.
Sometimes a single paper just isn't going to cut it, time to substitute in an L Joint. By putting 2 papers together you can fit over a gram of herb in to a joint!
very strain and varying growing conditions lead to an un predictable cure period. Make sure you follow these steps to finish off a top notch yield!
There's always a way to enhance your high. Check out these 5 useful kief tips to boost your smoking experience!
Effects of Marijuana Are Like Chicken Soup When I smoke marijuana I don’t experience paranoia, or become incapacitated, or become violent. In my life, the effects of marijuana are that I feel more joy. My body feels better when I’m...