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Raw, Decarbed or Filtered Hemp Oil, Which is Best for Me?

Many hemp oil concentrates are known as ‘raw hemp oil’, which means that the oil is derived straight from the plant, containing no additives.
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The Simplest Cannabutter Recipe

While the marijuana food business continues to expand, creating edibles can be simple and accomplished in the comforts of your own home. Cannabis-infused butter, also known as cannabutter or weed butter, is commonly used in recipes that call for the use of regular butter in order to achieve psychoactive effects.
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Strains 101: Sativa vs Indica

With thousands of different cannabis strains having been bred during the past several decades, it is critical to understand the efficacy that various strains have when consumed.

Cannabis 101: Introduction to the First Experience

Now that you know your neighbours, neighbours neighbours, and the police officer down your block will be using cannabis, where do you go from here? Let's take a look at how to go about your first experience with cannabis.
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The Sweet Benefits of Edibles

Marijuana is a powerfully beneficial Plant. A bold statement perhaps, but likely true as cannabis continues to gain slow legality.
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5 Major Benefits of CBD Oil

As a fruition of marijuana’s medicinal magic, there is a new category of products that’s witnessing a rise in popularity today: CBD oil.
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Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Today we’ll go over some of the main things CBD is used in treating. CBD for anxiety, CBD for pain, and CBD for depression. Let's take a look at some CBD Oil Benefits.
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5 Must Have Weed Accessories

Any good stoner is only as good as his equipment. That being said, nothing brings people together in the spirit of engineering and togetherness...
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How to Roll a Joint

The classic way to smoke marijuana, this tasty treat leaves you fingers sticky and allows you to smoke with all your friends at once! That's why we should all learn how to roll a joint!
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CBD for Anxiety and Mental Health

It's no easy admitting that we may have underlying mental health issues. With the stigma around "being different" and "crazy" it's easy to push the root of our problems aside and continue fighting against an invisible enemy. There's no shame in dealing with, and looking to improve mental health. That's why we always encourage those who are looking to take control of their symptoms by introducing CBD to their life.