Saturday, January 19, 2019
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How to vape hash featured

How to Vape Hash in a Way That Saves Your Vaporizer

It’s a common question - “Will I damage my dry herb vaporizer by filling it with sticky hash?”. Or rather, "is vaping hash even possible?" The art...
What is Kief

What is Kief? Best Ways of Collecting and Using it

What is kief? For starters, it’s the most ancient cannabis extract. Originating in the Middle East and North Africa from at least 900 AD,...
How to make bubble hash easy

How to Make Bubble Hash: Clean, Easy and of the Finest Grade

Have you ever wondered how to make bubble hash in a safe way with everyday tools at home? If yes, carry on reading, because we’ll...
Grow Weed Easy and Save Money

Grow Weed Easy and Save Money With These 3 Techniques

Think about it, how often do you buy marijuana? If you live in a legalized state or country, chances are you visit your favorite dispensary...
What is hash - User's Guide

What is Hash? A Guide for How to Use and Make Hashish

What is hash? Well for one, it may be the forefather of all cannabis concentrates. Why? Because it’s as ancient as concentrates come, recorded to...
Alberta Cannabis Lineup for Dispensary

Will Alberta Cannabis Solve Supply Shortage Issues?

On October 17th, the nearly 100-year-old prohibition on cannabis was lifted, allowing provinces to produce, distribute and consume cannabis in ways never before. In many...
Stoner Movies That Will Help You Think Outside Box

12 Stoner Movies That Will Help You Think Outside the Box

The day is yours! Take a puff of that good medical stuff, eat a ferocious gummy bear, or place a drop of that cannabis...
How to make cannabis tea

How to Make Cannabis Tea: It’s History and a Simple Recipe

Do you like cannabis? Do you enjoy its many natural benefits? If you’re like the other 234.6 million cannabis enthusiasts across the globe, then your...
Cannabis For back muscles

What You Should Know About Using Cannabis for Back Muscle Pain

Wake up, sit in bed, grab your back – your back muscles are so tense, they could snap. Roughly 80% of Canadians and Americans suffer...
CBD Benefits

CBD Benefits – Are They Founded On Science? PART 1

CBD Benefits - Are They Founded on Science? PART 1   There’s a CBD renaissance taking place. For those who don’t know, CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule...