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How to Make Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil

In the world of weed, edibles are one of the most popular vehicles for recreational and medical marijuana consumption. That’s because edibles, unlike smoking...
Plastic World, Marijuana Packaging

Why Legal Marijuana Contributes to a Plastic World of Waste

If it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear now, we’re close to having a plastic world of waste – and bureaucrats left to themselves will...
Colorado, Marijuana Sales, Concentrates

Behind the Scenes of Colorado’s Marijuana Sales Growth

Are marijuana sales in Colorado about to reach its peak? Just recently, the Colorado Department of Revenue reported marijuana sales surpassing the 1-billion-dollar mark in August,...
Marc Emery and Jodie Emery

What the ‘Prince and Princess of Pot’, Marc Emery and Jodie Emery Think About...

Should we be satisfied with legalization? According to cannabis policy reform pioneers, Marc Emery and Jodie Emery – we shouldn’t. For those unfamiliar, married...
Marijuana Legalization Canada

Marijuana Legalization in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Article updated on October 22, 2018.   Marijuana legalization in Canada is finally here. Just like that! The near century old prohibition gone in the blink...
Dry Herb Vaporizer

3 Things for Finding The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

 dry herb vaporizer pen is the stuff ancient cannabis connoisseurs could only dream of having. Debuting in the market in its hand-held form in 2008, the...
What is THCA Crystalline

What is THCA: Medical Breakthrough or Not?

What is THCA? Is it the most abundant cannabinoid In today’s cannabis culture, many, and I mean many, assume that THC is the most abundant...
what is shatter featured pic

What is Shatter, How to Smoke it and More

Last Updated December 4th, 2018.  High THC, terpene, and CBD concentrates have been making a lot of noise in the cannabis space in recent years. And,...
Cannabis Concentrates - What is hash oil

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Last Updated December 12, 2018.  Chances are, if you’ve flown high, maneuvering to and fro, by passing each elusive ball of cloudy mist all at...
cannabis stocks, investing, marijuana stocks

Investing in Cannabis Stocks Today? Here’s an Industry Update

Cannabis stocks are generating lots of hype. If you're thinking of investing today, here's an update and some valuable advice on how to move forward.