Monday, May 27, 2019
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Weed Party

How to Throw a Perfect Weed Party

Interested in throwing a bash, a shindig of weed party like proportions? The cannabis paradigm is changing right SMACK in front of our eyes, and...
How to make cannabis gummies

Recipe: How to Make Cannabis Gummies That Pack a Punch!

Today, we’re leaving snackland and motoring further up the edibles mountain into candy country! In the interests of getting our feet wet, we’re starting...
how to make cbd tincture

How to Make CBD Oil from Isolate and Dry Flowers for Symptom Relief

So you're wondering how to make cbd oil tinctures at home? We get it. CBD's benefits are clearly becoming mainstream and more accepted. Oil tinctures are becoming...
Benefits of Vaping Featured

Advantages and Benefits of Vaping Cannabis Over Smoking

When it comes to the benefits of vaping cannabis, there’s A LOT of rhetoric out there. Budtenders, your closest friends, and, even, your neighborhood...
How to buy a dry herb vaporizer featured.jpg

Dry Herb Vaporizer: How to Easily Find One That Suits Your Needs

A dry herb vaporizer pen is the stuff ancient cannabis connoisseurs could only dream of having. Debuting in the market in its hand-held form in 2008,...
how to vape weed correctly in 4 easy steps

How to Vape Weed Correctly with Concentrates and Flower in 4 Steps

There are alot of health and practical benefits to vaping marijuana, but to experience them fully, you’ll need to inform yourself on many things...
420 Friendly

The Most 420 Friendly Cities in the World

As the laws start to loosen, travelers begin to embark on a new reason for travel.  Adventure Travel, Eco Tourism, Sun Destinations, we've heard them all.  Without further ado, we bring you Stoner Tourism!
CBD vs THC featured

CBD vs THC Differences – Is it a Rivalry or Perfect Match?

CBD vs THC, now that's a battle between arguably the strongest compounds in cannabis. But what about the other couple hundred? The MANY that were...
What are Edibles

What are Edibles? Guide for Dosing and Making Marijuana Edibles

What are edibles? Marijuana edibles at that? For starters, it’s cannabis-infused foods that deliver the trademark marijuana experience through ingestion. There are candies, baked goods,...
Vaping vs Smoking Weed, What Science Has to Say

Vaping vs Smoking Weed Differences, What Science Has to Say

Vaping vs smoking weed, now that's a conflict us connoisseurs face daily. But do we really know the differences for us to make a wise decision? While...