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canada post strike, canada post

Canada Post Strike, a Burden on Medical Cannabis Patients?

Canada Post is likely to have a strike on September 26, causing a major setback to medical cannabis patients. Here's what you should know.
Herbal Dispatch

Herbal Dispatch Going Legal – Good or Bad for Consumers?

In other words, Herbal Dispatch is minimizing its product selection and consumer base at the same time – a decision that seems far from being business savvy.
8 myths

8 Common Myths About Marijuana

Being criminalized for years, there are a ton of negative myths about marijuana floating around. Although times are changing as many more people now...
best indica strains,

The Best Indica Strains

Today we are going to be looking at some of the best Indica strains on the market. Their genetic lineage, their look and smell, their location of origin, and of course their effects on the mind.
canadian marijuana stocks, canada weed stocks, marijuana stocks, weed stocks

A Word on Weed Stocks: Should You Invest?

Ottawa’s decision to legalize pot has generated a new hype and giving Canadian investors a new “high” (in investing of course - no pun intended here). The real question is, “how can Canadian investors profit from legalization?”
what is dabbing, how to dab, dab rig, dabbing weed

What is Dabbing? A Step by Step Guide

Alright, so if you’re a little bit out of touch with weed culture, you may be asking yourself, what is dabbing, and why do people keep talking about?
decarboxylation, hemp oil, filtered hemp oil, cbda,

Raw, Decarbed or Filtered Hemp Oil, Which is Best for Me?

Many hemp oil concentrates are known as ‘raw hemp oil’, which means that the oil is derived straight from the plant, containing no additives.
how to make cannabutter, cannabis infused butter, cannabutter, weed butter, cannabutter recipe

The Simplest Cannabutter Recipe

While the marijuana food business continues to expand, creating edibles can be simple and accomplished in the comforts of your own home. Cannabis-infused butter, also known as cannabutter or weed butter, is commonly used in recipes that call for the use of regular butter in order to achieve psychoactive effects.
sativa vs indica, indica vs sativa, cannabis, sativa, indica

Strains 101: Sativa vs Indica

With thousands of different cannabis strains having been bred during the past several decades, it is critical to understand the efficacy that various strains have when consumed.

Cannabis 101: Introduction to the First Experience

Now that you know your neighbours, neighbours neighbours, and the police officer down your block will be using cannabis, where do you go from here? Let's take a look at how to go about your first experience with cannabis.