Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Is weed legal in Germany? it might not be right now, but a new federal government could make legalized cannabis a reality in Deutschland. On December 6, long-time chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel will be leaving the German parliament and...
A new study has found that cannabis legalization doesn't cause traffic accidents. Read more about what researchers discovered here!
Is smoking weed and sex a match made in heaven? Two recent studies seem to suggest so. Here's what the science says about weed and the bedroom
According to a recent report, Canadians spent more on weed and alcohol than ever before. What does your pandemic substance use look like?
Cannabis is known for its benefits, but a new study has all but confirmed the benefits of smoking weed in a new clinical trial.
Weed teen vaping has more than doubled in the past seven years. Is this a moral panic or another overblown issue? Here's the facts.
Would you smoke Justin Beiber weed? See what the Canadian pop-star and singer is launching with his new line of weed products!
Taking your dog out on daily walks is just one responsibility out of many that dog owners must face. However, keeping an eye out for potent edibles on the streets might just be another. In a story published in the...
Joints for Jabs is an incentive program aimed at persuading more American tokers to get thier first shot. Here's what it's about!
It’s not often that a thriving company takes a full 180 turn while in the midst of a booming economic rise. Save for a few examples, it’s usually not seen as a great move in the business world. But...