Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Uruguay to become first country to fully legalize marijuana

Uruguay to become the first country to Legalize Marijuana sold in pharmacies for recreational purposes. It's the final steps in a four year process.
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Cannabis Culture Ordered to Be Shut Down

“One of their characteristics is always to cross the line in as dramatic and public a manner as they can, because that’s how they advance their particular cause,” Gordon said, adding police may have wanted “to make an example out of them.”
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Canada Marijuana Legalization Promises to Spark a $22.6-Billion Industry in Canada

Legalized recreational marijuana promises to spark a $22.6-billion industry in Canada, eclipsing combined sales of beer, wine, and spirits, a new study suggests.
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Most Cannabis Growers of Canada Are Otherwise Law-Abiding: Advocates

Gangs definitely play a role in the production and sale of the drug, but the Mounties have never proven to what extent, and all available research shows that most of those in Canada’s cannabis industry are non-violent and do not commit any other crimes.
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Medical Marijuana Producers, Small Businesses Look at Alternatives to Canada Post Despite Deal

The tentative pact between the postal service and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers was reached after warnings that mail delivery could be disrupted several times over the summer.
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A Doctor’s Take on Pot: Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Grouped into the same Category as...

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced its decision to keep marijuana classified as a Schedule I drug. The federal government has historically referred to this category as the “most dangerous” group of substances, including drugs like heroin and bath salts.
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Marijuana Canada Patients Allowed to Grow Cannabis

Canadian medical marijuana patients can grow their own cannabis or get someone to grow it for them.
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Aurora Cannabis – Alberta’s Medical Cannabis Farm is Growing 7,000 KG of Pot a...

Driving past the gravel driveway that leads to an unremarkable rural bungalow just outside the Village of Cremona, most would never know the property is also home to the fastest growing manufacturer of medical marijuana in Canada.
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Toronto Police Raid 3 Marijuana Dispensaries – Advocates Don’t Care

As governments lay groundwork for legal recreational pot next spring, Toronto police keep raiding medicinal marijuana dispensaries and want the public to help them continue.
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Olympic Athletes Have Actually Been Allowed to Smoke Weed Since 2013

Does proof exist that marijuana actually is a performance enhancing drug?