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cannabis convictions

How to Wipe Out Cannabis Convictions

Lorenze Lanier, 32, spent his first decade as an adult in and out of prison for non-violent cannabis convictions. “I was 18. I didn’t...
Marijuana Legalization Canada

Marijuana Legalization in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Article updated on October 22, 2018.   Marijuana legalization in Canada is finally here. Just like that! The near century old prohibition gone in the blink...

Mississauga Postal Facility Opening Parcels in Search of Fentanyl

For those who have received mail recently that has been punctured or potentially tampered with, have no worries. CBSA and Canada Post will continue to look for fentanyl, while leaving ALL other packages intact!
california legalizes, legalizes, cannabis

California Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

Last year, California voters made it legal for adults over the age of 21 to grow, possess and use marijuana, but selling pot for recreational purposes was still illegal prior to the New Year.

9 Myths and Facts about Marijuana

There's a lot of misinformation out there about marijuana, so we're breaking down 10 of the most persistent myths
mexico legalizes marijuana

Mexico to Legalize Cannabis Based Products Early 2018

Mexico is set to legalize the sale of marijuana-based products early next year, despite the country’s struggles with the illicit drug trade.
recreational weed

BC Announces Plan for Legal Cannabis Sales

British Columbia said on Tuesday it will give the provincial liquor board control over the distribution of recreational weed
online dispensary canada

Cannabis in Canada: A Brief History

Canada’s legal medical marijuana business is booming and as of 2018 cannabis will be legal for recreational use as well. With over 25% of...
french president

French President Emmanuel Macron to End Prison Sentences for Smoking Marijuana

Former president Francois Hollande was not willing to budge on laws that had become outdated the day they were born.
durham regional police, durham police, herb approach, cannabis dispensary, marijuana dispensary

To Serve and Protect, Not for Durham Regional Police

At one point Phil Edgar was recognized for his work "cleaning the streets", confiscating $530,000 worth of marijuana over 7 stops. This may seem regular for a cop, maybe not the amount seized, but the line of work sure is. Unless of course there may be some conflicts of interest in the ordeal.