Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Indica vs sativa? What’s the difference between them? Interestingly, categorizing the effects of these two options is proving to be fruitless. Here's why.
Looking for a source of inspiration? With our list of the best strains for creativity and focus, becoming a creative genius is at your fingertips.
Ghost Train Haze is the best strain to accompany you on the day of Halloween. Don't believe us? Here're 5 reasons why you should try it.
Have you been struggling to find the spark? When sex becomes a chore, turn to the best weed strains for sex to unlock the passion in the bedroom.
Today we are going to be looking at some of the best Indica strains on the market. Their genetic lineage, their look and smell, their location of origin, and of course their effects on the mind.
When it comes to Indica strains, very few have reached a level of notoriety that can compare with Bubba Kush.
Picking the best sativa strains isn't always easy, but don't worry, we got you covered. These are the best sativa strains.
All strains that have been doctored this day have some lineage from landrace strains. Landrace is the term used for a naturally outdoor grown and cultivated cannabis, in it's original habitat.
Chip away the stress and watch it crumble with the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Also known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is a classic strain in the making.
Viper is an invigorating sativa that was bred from an indigenous Burmese landrace and a native Mexican strain known as Black Seed.