Twax joints – with all the freshly named weed products out there, who can keep up? 

Have you ever wanted to have the social ritual of passing around a joint but also wanted to dab some concentrate as well? With a twax joint, you can get the best of both worlds. 

This article will get you caught up on one particular cannabis concentrate –  the twax joint. We’ll teach you what a twax joint is, how to prepare one and how to best smoke one so you can take your sesh game to the next level. 

What is a Twax Joint?

twax joint

Put simply, all it takes is applying hash or concentrates to your joints or bowls. You can apply the extract to the inside, outside, or on the tip of your joint. Just about any way you want to do it, it can be done. The result is more THC and a better smoking experience.

There are more cannabis concentrates available than ever before. With all of these fun extracts to play around with, it’s no surprise that people have gotten creative. Like a piece of artwork, you’ll find so many incredibly beautiful looking joints online. Notably, many of these would be accurately labeled as a twax. 

You can use isolates purchased from regulated labs, along with shatter, wax, and budder. Or you can use one of the many at-home options like honey oil, rosin, kief, and bubble hash.

The Origins of the Twax Joint

twax joint

While similar products were likely created long ago, such as putting hash in your joints. The modern version has the added benefit of entirely new concentrates never before seen. 

Credit seems to go to The Twax Gang for creating the term and concept of a twax joint. They consider a twax joint to be any joint rolled with the addition of hash or cannabis concentrate. This extract can be applied inside or outside a joint filled with dried flower.

The Thai Stick is perhaps history’s earliest form of a twax joint. Originating in Thailand, these twax joints can are made by using full bud cannabis which are then dunked in layers of honey oil before being covered in kief.

The term twax or twaxxing is also often used to refer to the bowls of bongs and pipes. The concept is the same, as you fill your bowl with dried flower then add an extract to spice it up. This method can result in some truly beautiful and potent bowls.

Benefits of Twaxxing your Marijuana

  • Is one way to make joints hit harder and burn slower
  • Increased potency, whether you want THC or CBD, you can find the right concentrate to increase your dose
  • Increased aesthetic appeal (to impress friends and to post on social)
  • No special tools or supplies are needed, just the usual stuff for rolling joints
  • This potent option can be consumed on the go, in disposable form. Not many concentrates can say the same
  • Can be a quick process, barely longer than rolling a simple joint
  • Increased highs that last for longer
  • Flexibility, as you can add a little or a lot, depending on the mood and the group
  • Can take a 5-20% strain and add a 50-99% potency product to increase the overall strength
  • Twaxxing is a great option for those wondering how to smoke shatter in a joint.

The Steps for Creating a Twax Joint

The steps are simple and depend on what you’re looking to do.

Basically, you roll a joint or blunt and add any extract you’d like before sealing up the joint. Whatever cannabis concentrate you want, it can probably go inside your rolling paper before you lick it. Some rolling paper options may be better for Twaxxing a joint than others, but it takes some trial and error to figure this out.

For inside your joint, you can use any brittle cannabis concentrate variety. This includes budder, wax, shatter, or rosin. all you need to do is break it into chunks and put it inside. Extracts that are liquidy may not work as well as more sticky substance.

Whichever cannabis concentrates you select, try to position the extract in the middle of the joint, surrounded by dried flower. This helps to ensure it burns evenly and you get to inhale all the THC-filled smoke. A shatter joint can make for a fantastic high experience.

Next, you can add whatever you like to around the joint. The best choices are those that have a snap n’ pull or sappy consistency. Roll the doobie in kief, or create a spiraling layer of distillate all around it. Combine the two quite easily as well. In fact, all you need to do is heat up the extract a little bit, then dib it in kief for an amazing finishing coat. Whatever you like, it’s the dealer’s choice really. It does depend on what you got available of course. 

You could go with a spiral pattern on the outside or a more web-like pattern. In fact, you can do just about anything you like. That is the wonderful thing about Twaxxing a joint, you have all the flexibility and freedom in the world to do as you like. We all love cannabis and the high it produces, and what could be more fun than more kinds of weed all inside a single joint? The potency can knock you off your feet, even when you’re a regular joint smoker.

To Twax a Bowl

twax joint tips

As we mentioned above, it is super easy to twax your bowl. Twaxing can be as easy as sprinkling an extract on top of your bowl. You can also get creative with it. Feel free to layer your buds with extract and kief, in any visually appealing way you like. Not only will these bowls look great, but they will also pack a serious potency punch.

How to get Kief Outside your Joint

We just described one method, which uses the extract to provide the sticky surface for kief. You can also take some honey or sugar water and dab the joint with that using a brush. From there you just have to dip it in kief.

The honey may need to be watered down, or heated up a little to make it runnier. Any other liquid sweetener should really work as well. Keep in mind, this putting kief on the outside looks great but is not the best method for getting as high as possible from that kief. This is because some of it is burnt off and wasted, not inhaled.

Safety First When Smoking Twax Joints

Be careful not to hurt yourself with any hot waxy substance while creating a twax. You do not want hot concentrate landing on your bare lap! Not that I’m talking from experience, of course. 

When smoking these pretty twax blunts, extra care and caution are needed. You may want to rotate the joint as you smoke it to even out the burn. As already stated, watch out for hot bits dripping from your joint. 

Twaxxing vs. Dabbing


It’s not quite a fair comparison to make. If you want a pure experience with your concentrate, go with dabbing. If you want to create a special joint for you and your friends to enjoy, then go with a twax. 

The flavor of dabbing is unparalleled. When twaxxing you also have the paper and plant matter being burnt, and so you won’t fully appreciate the concentrate. This is why you should save your best stuff for dabbing, and use a bit of everything else to roll yourself up a twax.

Twax Tips

  • When putting a concentrate inside, try to have it as close to the middle as possible for efficient burning and inhalation
  • When putting extracts outside the joint, try to apply as thin of a layer as possible to avoid dripping
  • Try to roll joints as pinner (thin) as possible. This way you can conserve dried flower

Twax Joints – A Fun & Creative Way to Get Baked

Twaxing your joint is a great way to make it look more pleasing and to increase the potency. It can be a fun and creative way to spend some time before getting baked. Whether you roll joints and blunts or pack bowls and pipes, you can use the ideas behind Twaxxing to spice up your next smoking session.

What may have started out looking like a made-up word, now makes sense. Since you made it this far, you now know what a twax joint is and how to smoke one. Start simple, but progress to rolling more complicated styles as you gain experience. All along the way, we hope you get high from your beautiful cannabis creations.