We’re going with something a little different here today. We’re going out with the weird and in with the Wacky. Let’s have a good laugh this time!


Not officially supported by ACME


My family is better then yours she says


I love some Hawaiian Maui Wowie pizza but THIS IS RIDICULOUS


This pen is the key to saving humanity


Don’t worry, I really do have a Ferrari behind this door


Kind of feels like that moment when you eat some edibles and don’t feel anything


Phew, nothing worse the dilemma of to pet or not to pet


Just trying to cool off in this summer


Woah, close your eyes kids


Don’t buy your kids phones, they may evaporate apparently.


AYY Real Story, I smoked a blunt with GZA and Ghostface once. Proudest moment of my life


The choice is yours, Grape ape or Amnesia Haze?


I had a few butt nuggets this morning for breakfast


Amazon, you’re my hero



I feel for that dog to have so sit threw all those horrible mixtapes


Campbells Soup, I see you. Don’t think this is going unnoticed by the bargain hunting masses


This is how you play Dad


The signs are clear tho, it may actually be 2nd


Nahh I’d rather order the real, cheesy, saucy thing


Sounds like a nutrition packed meal




Please let me go, I just wanna see my mom