If you’ve been researching weed coffee shops in Amsterdam, then you are probably ready to visit the marijuana capital of the world. Many tourists who visit Amsterdam don’t get the chance to visit the coffee shops, perhaps because they are intimidated as marijuana can be illegal in their home town.

However, if you plan to visit Amsterdam, don’t be afraid to check out weed coffee shops. Here’s a guide on how you can shop in Amsterdam like a pro:

Shop in Amsterdam Like a Pro

1. Visit one of the thousands of weed coffee shops

Buying marijuana is legal from weed coffee shops in Amsterdam, and not just any street vendor.  There are hundreds of them, literally everywhere. You will find multiple coffee shops on a single block. Don’t think too much about which shops are good. Just head on in, and go with the flow.

2. Don’t expect much in the way of window signage, since advertising marijuana is illegal

Don’t expect to see any signs advertising that MARIJUANA SOLD HERE. You just need to know that if it says coffee shop outside, you know what to expect inside.

3. Explore the different shops until you find somewhere you can call your GO TO

Every shop is different.  They will have different vibes, different crowds, different menus, and different décor.  Just explore the thousands of coffee shops in Amsterdam until you find the right place where you can groove. Otherwise, explore them all!

4. Don’t expect much. Just walk in, and buy weed

It’s no rocket science.  Buying weed in Amsterdam is as easy as walking into any convenience store to buy a bottle of water. When you walk in you will be greeted by the budtenders, offering the different strains they have available. There’s no pressure whatsoever so take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

5. Bring cash

Most coffee shops don’t have a POS system to accept debit/credit cards. So in case, you find the perfect strain to sample, be sure you bring cash just in case you have to leave and visit an ATM.

6. Joints vs pure joints

Joints will have tobacco in them. Pure joints, will be pure weed. You will be able to buy weed, hash oils, or joints. But just remember that joints usually have some tobacco rolled in them so if you are looking for a PRD tell them you want a pure joint.

7. Most coffee shops have menus, but they aren’t always descriptive

Bruno Ehrs. Getty Images

The menus that you find will indicate what they carry such as type of strain, what hash or joints they have, but the menus will usually not have a description of the products. Don’t be afraid to ask. The budtenders will let you know what sort of effects each strain or cannabis product will have.

8. Ask for recommendations

Although most Dutch people are straight forward and usually wont engage in long conversations, you will notice that bud tenders in Amsterdam are the complete opposite.  They are here all day, so if the stores aren’t busy they will be more then happy to chat up a storm with you about what personal strains they would recommend.

9. Inspect the bud, before you buy

Although coffee shops are touchy about advertising and menus, they usually have the marijuana sitting in clear containers and will happily let you look at (and even smell) a few strains of herb before making your purchase. And thankfully so, because as most of us stoners know, there are a few obvious signs of jank weed (light yellow color, no visible crystals, etc.) If the bud looks iffy, then don’t buy much of it until you’ve had a chance to smoke some.

10. Pipes or bongs aren’t sold here

Don’t expect to get your headgear at most weed coffee shops in Amsterdam. Rolling papers, grinders are available free for use, and you can always purchase your own premium brand rolling products, but bongs and pipes usually aren’t sold at the coffee shops.

So now that you’ve got these 10 tips, it’s time to go out and explore the weed coffee shops in Amsterdam!