Cannabis concentrates are a great option to get a more potent hit, with weed crumble being one of the best types to try out.

That being said, if you have never heard of crumble, don’t worry! 

This cannabis concentrate is taking the market by storm, but some are still about to discover this crumbly concentrate.

Today, we will be teaching you all you need to know about crumble, so sit back, relax and let’s find out more about this tasty concentrate!  

What is Weed Crumble?

top shelf weed crumble

Weed crumble is a crumbly concentrate that breaks up easily, which is where it gets its name. 

Given its appearance, it also is known as “honeycomb” and is highly sought after by cannabis users with its extremely high concentrations of THC. 

It typically has a yellow tone to it and can have THC levels around 90 percent. If you’re a new user, crumble is likely too strong of a product to be using, but weed smokers with high tolerances will love it.

The best way to use it is by packing it into a bowl and smoking it like you would a joint or a bong. If you’re using a bowl, you can either break up the crumble into smaller pieces or just sprinkle it on top..

Still, its appearance is unique from other concentrates since crumble tends to be the dryest form of cannabis concentrate. 

Wax crumble’s bright yellow tone is eye-catching, and while very different from marijuana buds, it is a great choice to pick if you have a high tolerance.

What’s more, unlike other forms of cannabis concentrates, cannabis crumble is extremely versatile and can be added to joints, dabs and many more smoking devices.

Finally, honeycomb wax is exceptionally potent. So, if you are on the lookout for a potent product, this cannabis concentrate is definitely for you.

How to Use Weed Crumble

Most people who haven’t ventured far into the world of concentrates believe the only method of consumption possible with them is dabbing, but there’s a lot more you can do with crumble.

Just like cannabis flower, there are plenty of choices you can make for how you want to use honeycomb wax. 

It’s a versatile version of marijuana and is an excellent intro to concentrated forms of the plant.

Now, here’s how to use this cannabis concentrate.

Weed Crumble

Dabbing Weed Crumble

The most obvious way to use crumble is dabbing since it’s long been associated with concentrates. 

Using a dab rig offers a broad spectrum of flavours that bongs or joints can’t always unlock since the method of heating the material is different than if you smoke.

How to Use a Dab Rig Without Wasting Your Concentrate: Step-by-Step

When you use a dab rig and heat the nail to optimal temperatures, you’re vaporizing the crumble or other concentrate instead of creating smoke which makes for clean and prominent flavours and aromas. 

Weed’s terpenes are much easier to taste when heating a nail and dab rig, so if you like to experience the full range of effects from a strain you are using, they’re a top choice.

The other benefits of using a dabber are the prices associated with the concentrated hits you get. You’ll have to use substantially less when consuming crumble wax since it is much more potent than marijuana buds.


vaping weed crumble

If you’re looking for a dense hit with the best flavour palate possible from your strain and its terpenes, using a vaporizer tends to be the best choice, particularly with weed crumble.

Some vaporizers even come with special trays that are designed for crumble.

A vape typically offers a lighter, cleaner feeling set of effects than smoking or even using a rig. Still, with the strength of honeycomb, you’ll have an effective delivery of your high.

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Unlike some weed concentrates like shatter, crumble tokers can smoke wax through a bong, pipe or in a joint. 

If you are planning to smoke it, you’ll want to break the pieces into the smallest chunks possible, so it burns consistently with the ground-up weed.

Rolling joints or blunts is the same process you’d typically go through; only you’ll top the plant material off with the crumble wax for stronger effects. 

If you’re using an accessory, the same rule applies, and you’ll want a nice crumbly texture that mixes evenly across the top of your packed bowl of marijuana flower.


With the dryness of crumble wax, it’s compatible with smoking and cooking into an edible form.

Like any other homemade edibles, you can make butter or oil to create infused foods like cookies, brownies or anything else you can imagine.

The final product from your extraction process will also be much better since you use a refined and concentrated weed when making butter or oil. 

The benefits of using highly potent THC products when making edibles are massive when using trimmings.

How to Store Weed Crumble

Properly storing crumble wax is the same as storing any cannabis product.

By keeping your weed, crumble or other products in optimal storage conditions, you make sure that they will stay fresh for longer, and you have the best possible experiences when using them each time.

How to Keep Weed Fresh: Best Ways to Store and Preserve

The best containers to use for crumble wax and any other weed products are airtight, UV-protected jars. Additionally, the prices on these jars are usually low, so it’s a worthwhile investment to make.

Beyond proper jars, stashing your crumble wax away from direct sunlight and in colder areas of your home will uphold their quality as they age. 

Lower temperatures will help maintain the appearance, flavour and potency of your crumble. Optimal humidity levels are between 55 to 65 percent, while the room should sit below 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 Celsius).

What Alternatives are There to Weed Crumble?

If weed crumble is not for you, there are many other options available on the market.

Some of them closely match the effects you need, while others are discreet and simple to use.

Let’s cover 3 of them.


Weed edibles are one of the best forms of weed that match any strength of effects you need. 

Many people who use marijuana have extremely high tolerances, which is one of the draws of concentrates. But edible cannabis can be made to be as potent as you desire. 

The potency of a cannabis edible always depends on how strong you make the infusion. So if you need something with a heavy kick, you should invest time into edible weed!


If you’ve tried cannabis concentrates and find crumble wax not to be your desired texture, consistency, flavour or feeling of effects. Shatter is another high potency concentrate to check out.

This concentrate provides the high THC levels you need and is a great alternative to shatter. 


The last of the three are oils.

Oils are a more discrete option for a high potency weed product to give enhanced effects. 

They’re hard-hitting and kick in within minutes when taken sublingually, orally or using a vape. In addition, oils are quick and easy to dose with a device that can handle them.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end!

Now, you should have a good idea of what weed crumble is. How to use it and what other alternatives are available to you on the market.

Crumble is a potent concentrate known for its unique texture, potent effects and versatility. Its THC levels can reach up to 90%, making it a great option for those with high tolerance levels.

Crumble is perfect for people who want a quick, strong high. It’s great for beginners as well as experienced smokers, making it a good choice for any type of stoner.