Interested in throwing a bash, a shindig of weed party like proportions?

The cannabis paradigm is changing right SMACK in front of our eyes, and with it, once cannabis skeptics are now becoming public indulgers – oh how liberating it is!

So in other words, there’s never been a better time to gather your friends, your family, your relationships that need mending, all for a weed party like no other!


But wait a second – a weed party isn’t like another family dinner at your Grandmas, as delightful as that might be. Instead, you’ll need to plan, you’ll need to have the right stuff – and a whole lot more!

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are the absolute MOST bare essentials for throwing a weed party that’s bound to go down in history.


4 Tips on Throwing a Weed Party

1. Keep the Weed Jar Full

Weed Party Needs Cannabis
(Photo by Get Budding on Unsplash)

This may seem redundant, but what kind of 420 party would it be without a myriad of cannabis strains. This is a great way to impress your friends with your cannabis knowledge. Getting an ounce of low grade, oregano looking pot is one way to do it, but how much better would it be to have a bar selections worth of green? You would never go to a restaurant that only has 1 drink or dish on the menu.

Having an out of this world selection will brighten the day of all those attending. Selecting 4 or 5 different strains with varying effects is an awesome way to spruce up the party. A heavy Indica for those looking to get real stoned is always great, as well as some hybrid and sativas like Blue Dream and Green Crack. Doing so will make sure everyone can enjoy your green, as some may be adverse to sativa’s, or want to stay away from indicas as it puts them right to bed.

Having some baked marijuana edibles are always a great idea. Check out this recipe for cannabutter to make the best homemade edibles possible! Make sure you dose them on the lower end, or you may have a room full of people melting to the wall!

Don’t forget to include some dry herb vaporizer pens, tinctures and some extracts to really spruce things up. Everybody’s got different tastes, and having a little something something for everyone really lifts the parties mood.


2. Munchies… Munchies….Munchies

Weed Party and Munchies
(Photo by MA FAB on Unsplash)

I can tell you right now, there’s never been a good weed party that didn’t have a fridge full of beverages, and enough food to make sure an Egyptian Pharaoh was satisfied. This of course, is easier said than done. It’s easy to order some pizza and call it a day, but where’s the fun in that?

The first and quite possible best option, is to throw a bring your own munchies weed party. By doing so you save yourself an immense amount of trouble, plus, you have everyone contribute something creative. Ideally. If you happen to be a michelin star chef and want to show everybody what you’re made of, then by all means, knock yourself out.

If a ‘bring your own munchies’ weed party isn’t your style, then it’s good to set up the event as if it were one. Make sure to get a diversity of food and snacks. Everybody loves mini sliders, sushi, pasta, tacos and of course, what 420 party would be complete without chips.

Whichever route you decide to go, just make sure there’s enough to feed double the amount, because we all know what happens to the fridge and pantry after the 4th or 5th joint. 


3. Smoking Essentials

Weed Party and Smoking Essentials
(Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

We’ll keep this one short and sweet. To keep the party rolling, keep the accessories stocked! The last thing you need is to run out papers, while having only 1 bong for everyone to smoke from.

Speaking of 1 bong, having a variety of pipes, bongs and vaporizers will keep the weed party cruising. This is easier said than done, as not everyone has the glass collection of cheech or chong.

Ask a friend, or friends, to see if they wouldn’t mind bringing a few pieces. As well, most head shops do sell smaller pipes and bubblers for $10. It won’t break the bank, and it’s always nice to have a bit of glassware for any future 420 parties.


4. Set the Vibe

Weed Party Vibe
(Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash)

This might be the most crucial part, behind your friends and the cannabis, of course. Setting the mood transforms any party from a dud to stud. Keep the music flowing by creating playlists that include some good instrument-oriented music.

While we love Bob Marley and Willy Nelson, it’s not the only thing that should be playing. A good indie music playlist and light hearted acoustic are always good.If your friends love Jazz, then by all means invite Mr. Coltrane to the function, or if metal is your jam, then rock on. However, a light playlist that takes the focus away from the music (ironic isn’t it) is always a good choice.

Make sure to include plenty of comfortable seating. That means bean bag chairs, pillows, hammocks and anything that’s just insanely pleasant to sit on. Nothing is worse than trying to have a conversation while everyone is either sitting on a children’s stool or the floor.

Last but not least, make sure everyone is compatible. This is obvious, but when everybody is at a weed party and stoned, good vibrations are key. This means that one sour patch kid could throw everything off and shake the mood up. Only positive vibrations here mon!


Now Let’s Throw a Weed Party

Clear up that weekend schedule and let your friends know, there’s a weed party coming their way. Throwing a good 420 party is easy, but it’s just as easy to mess up. With this essentials guide, people will be asking for weeks if you can throw another cannabis fiesta!

Happy smoking and enjoy the party!

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