Well wouldn’t you take a look at that, it’s another chance to get weird on Wednesday. Don’t worry I wont let anyone know, your secret is safe with us…


Sometimes your kids don’t grow up as planned


This is more then a scarecrow its a SCAREPERSON


I see what you did there


An adventure to the long lost land of Blockbuster


Your airbags aren’t anything you want to go trying soon


You ever take a puff and feel like there’s something watching you?


Just in case you were wondering what the different types of knives are


Just like Usher you need to let that sign burn


Nothing like when the kids make you a gift


Not even messing around a bit


Mom, put away your bong, that’s not how you do it.


When you use internet explorer to use chrome


The look on that cats face says it all.


Can’t wait to see what kind of alien comes out that thing


When your friends say the have good weed but you know you have the fire


When you pack your pipe and hear cop sirens


Always travel safe when your goat is on board


Maaaaa the meat loaf


So life like, introducing the iHair


Shout out to this timeless legend, you’re the real MVP


When you haven’t been on a date in a while and you start getting restless


He was truly a man ahead of his time