What is CBD distillate?

As the cannabis industry evolves, more and more CBD products are beginning to appear on the market.   

While distillates are not very new and have been used for centuries, CBD distillates are only beginning to get the attention they deserve.

That being said, if you don’t know what these products are and how they can be used, don’t fret.

We are here today to break down everything you need to know about distillates, how they can benefit you and discover the process used to make CBD distillate.

By the end, you’ll feel confident in your knowledge of CBD distillate and how to make the most of it.

What is CBD Distillate?

cbd distillate

CBD distillate is a highly refined extract made from the cannabis plant. 

Generally, distillate contains around 80% CBD by weight. The rest of the distillate consists of minor cannabinoids and terpenes along with other cannabis plant oils.

CBD distillates are made using the hemp plant and gone through a distillation process to remove THC. More specifically, high-CBD-containing hemp flower is used for the best CBD products. 

Keep in mind, while hemp plants are defined as containing less than 0.3% THC, some hemp-derived distillates have a little THC, but its negligible amounts won’t get you high.

Additionally, since CBD distillate includes other hemp cannabinoids and terpenes, they are considered to be full-spectrum CBD products. You may also hear them called broad-spectrum CBD distillate – which is technically the same as full-spectrum CBD distillate minus the trace THC content. 

Always check the product information to see if your full spectrum CBD distillate or broad-spectrum CBD distillate is THC-free or not.

CBD Isolate

CBD distillate can be further refined to create CBD isolate. Remove the other 20% (including the 0.3% THC) we mentioned earlier, and you are left with pure CBD isolate. 

CBD isolate consists of 98% pure CBD or more. Unlike hemp-derived distillates, which may contain trace amounts of THC, CBD isolate is 100% THC-free. 

Those who require complete abstinence from THC should consider using pure isolates over distillate products. Isolates are the purest form of CBD you’ll find on the market.

Many CBD products are made using CBD distillate and isolate. These include CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD vape cartridges, and CBD edibles

How is CBD Distillate Made?

As we mentioned, CBD extraction requires some hemp plants, a solvent, and some advanced technology. The solvent is used to extract the compounds we want from the hemp biomass. 

After these valuable compounds are extracted, the plant matter is removed. Now, the solvent can also be purged – leaving us with a crude extract.

This extract then undergoes another distillation process to get CBD distillate. First, winterization is used to remove plant oils and help separate the mixture. This step involves extremely cold temperatures and a day or two to separate oil.

Finally, the now-refined extract is put through decarboxylation. What this process does is use heat to activate the cannabinoids inside the mixture. This way, the distillate no longer needs to be heated before consumption. 

Note: making pure CBD isolate requires some further processing to remove everything but the CBD.

The Benefits of CBD Distillate

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CBD distillate provides an effortless way to get your daily doses of CBD. The products come with everything you need to get an exact dosage measured and administered. There is no easier way to enjoy some CBD.

An additional benefit of CBD distillate over CBD isolate is the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Together, these compounds are thought to produce the entourage effect – leading to better results with less. Both full-spectrum distillate and broad-spectrum distillate offer a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally occurring hemp plant compounds in one product.

Additionally, distillates provide all the benefits of CBD we love. Of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, none are like cannabidiol. 

CBD is a fantastic non-psychoactive compound that people use to help manage stress, pain, sleep, and more. 

CBD is a cannabinoid that does not get you high. It is safe, well-tolerated, and produces minimal side effects. Furthermore, CBD oils possess no abuse or dependence potential, and pure CBD is not associated with any public health problems.

If you’re more open to THC, THC distillate and THC isolate options are also available. These products are made from high-THC marijuana plants instead of hemp plants using a similar extraction process, but with all the focus on THC instead.

How to Use CBD Distillate

Since CBD distillate is already decarboxylated, it is all ready to go. This also means you can enjoy it in just about any way you like. 

For example, you can add distillate to foods by dispensing it on top right before you eat. 

You can also directly place it in your mouth. Before you swallow, however, hold it under your tongue for a few minutes. This is called sublingual absorption (literally under the tongue), and it is one of the most efficient ways to absorb CBD.

Smoking, Vaping, Dabbing


You can also smoke, vape, or dab distillate if you like. 

Although we learned that you don’t need to, heating distillate is still an excellent way to vaporize the CBD for inhalation. 

There are many creative ways to use distillate. For instance, adding some CBD distillate to your joints is known as Twaxxing (a twax joint).  

Dab rigs work great, so this is one option to get a hefty dose of CBD extract.

Some consumers also add CBD distillate to their high-THC flower or concentrate for a more balanced ratio of CBD-THC. 

Finally, distillate can be vaped using specialized CBD vape pens.

Distillates – Clean & Potent Products

You now know all about distillates and can tell your friends all about them. 

We hope this knowledge helps you find the perfect CBD product to meet your needs. 

CBD distillate might be just the right product for you – there is no option that is more discrete, convenient, and easy to dose. You can get your precise dose of CBD whenever and wherever you need it.

Whether you go with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD distillates, you’ll gain the additional benefits provided by the entourage effect. 

Otherwise, you can always go with a CBD isolate to guarantee you’re not consuming any THC. CBD isolate provides all the benefits of CBD without the cannabis high from THC.

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