Organic cannabis has become the next ‘big thing’ within the cannabis community. When it comes to cannabis, tokers today have more choices and options than ever. 

As the cannabis industry evolves, more and more weed consumers are starting to demand more from their dispensaries and weed products.

Many recreational and medicinal cannabis users are growing increasingly concerned about the possibility of dangerous and/or toxic chemicals in their weed products. 

While this isn’t a problem for those purchasing weed from a trusted online dispensary, having the option to purchase organic is always a benefit.

With that being said, let’s get to the crux of the issue – what is organic cannabis and is it really better than regular weed?

What is Organic Cannabis? 

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding what ‘organic’ actually means. With so many food products being labelled as ‘organic’ these days, the term has almost become a buzzword used to promote a product as healthy.

In reality, organic cannabis follows a strict growing process with many restrictions involving the pesticides used in cultivation, the type of soil, and the fertilizers and nutrients used in the growing process. 

Organic cannabis will use fertilizers, pesticides, and nutrients that are natural in origin. Natural fertilizers include manure, bone meal and compost.

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In essence, organic weed is cannabis that is grown as naturally and as close to nature as possible. This is in contrast with modern cultivation practices, where weed is grown with supplements and fertilizers designed to feed the plant to maximize the yield and THC. When it’s done, the plant is “flushed” to minimize the impact and taste of the chemicals used. 

While there is nothing wrong with this method, the disadvantage is that not every grower will pay attention to the taste and flavour. Some may online focus on big yields and high THC content while sacrificing on flavour and the smoking experience. 

On the other hand, organic cannabis is grown using living soil – soil that is actually “alive.”

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Living soil uses elements from the living world such as worms, nematodes, and microorganisms to create the perfect growing environment. 

The nematodes and bacteria handle the pests, preventing the need for fertilizers. As they break down the soil, the nutrients are returned to the environment to nourish the plants. 

Unlike traditional cannabis, the only thing that organic cannabis needs is water. When grown in a dynamic and healthy organic environment, cannabis plants are able to thrive in their natural element.

Like wine, living soil only gets better with age. We believe that this growing technique produces some of the finest, tastiest and highest quality cannabis around.  In many ways, organic weed is a return to landrace strains, weed that grew and thrived in the wild without any human intervention. 

In Canada, Herb Approach has teamed up with BC’s top growers with exclusive cultivars imported from the biggest cannabis names in the industry. Our growers understand the importance of quality cannabis and we’re more than excited to share the organic experience with you! 

Benefits of Organic Cannabis

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If you’ve been smoking and enjoying regular weed up until now, you might wonder whether or not it’s worth it to even make the switch. In addition to non-organic weed, we eat and consume non-organic food and snacks all the time. Is there really a benefit?

The answer is yes, and here’s why:

Better Aroma, Flavour, and Potency

Conversely, organic cannabis requires very precise nutrient management. Since they’re not allowed to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, organic growers have to control the microclimate and micronutrient matrix of their plants to ensure that it’s optimized for growth.

All this is to say that weed grown organically is optimized to be the best that it can be. Instead of being force-fed fertilizers and pesticides to grow, organic cannabis can grow naturally without any artificial additives affecting the taste, aroma, or potency of the final product. 

Often, organic cannabis is also known as Craft Cannabis due to the very involved process cultivators have to go through on a small scale. In many ways, craft cannabis is just like craft beer! 

Better for the Environment

Organic cannabis doesn’t just have a better aroma, flavour, and potency; it’s also better for the environment!

When we leave nature to its own devices, it flourishes. Instead of manipulating the growing process with chemical additives, the soil’s microbiome, nutrient matrix, and natural fertilizers are able to work together to optimize the growing environment.

In this way, the soil’s nutrient losses are minimized and able to be sustained over a longer period. This also protects the environment and the water table. 

By using natural fertilizers instead of chemical additives, organic cannabis does not produce toxic water runoff that can damage the water table and the environment. 

Better For You

In the pursuit of profit maximization, many cultivators focus on how much weed they can grow instead of how good it can be. As a result, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used as a shortcut for maximizing their yields. 

While this is not inherently dangerous as many fruits and veggies are grown the same way, it’s a completely different story when it comes to cannabis; a plant that is smoked instead of eaten.

When you’re smoking non-organic weed, you’re exposing yourself to the many different kinds of fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical additives that cultivators use to increase their yield. 

Organic cannabis, on the other hand, is grown with ingredients that you can actually recognize. By using natural additives, organic weed helps keep your exposure to toxins low and prevents the accumulation of heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals in your body. 

Where Can You Buy Organic Cannabis?

Organic cannabis, like craft beer and craft coffee, exists in niche circles. Fortunately, the appeal of organic cannabis has hit critical mass and it’s become easier than ever to experience the natural superiority of organic weed.

If you want to get your hands on some yourself, the easiest way is to shop Herb Approach’s Organic Cannabis Collection

Herb Approach’s Organic Cannabis Collection strains are certified AAAA organic strains. Grown organically without the addition of chemical additives or pesticides, these strains are some of the best you’ll ever smoke.

Here are a few of our favourites for you to consider:

Biscottie Strain, Organic Cannabis
Biscottie Strain, Organic Cannabis
Mac 1, Organic Cannabis
Mac 1, Organic Cannabis
Purple Magic, Organic Cannabis
Purple Magic, Organic Cannabis
Trap Gas OG Organic Weed
Trap Gas OG, Organic Cannabis
Pink Champagne Organic Weed
Pink Champagne Organic Cannabis

Now that you’ve read this article, you can fully appreciate the benefits that organic weed offers. While pricier compared to regular strains, the tradeoff for a better, healthier, and more sustainable smoking experience is well worth the slight difference in price. 
So, what are you waiting for? Visit the best online dispensary Canada and shop for the best craft cannabis strains today!