What is THCA? Is it the most abundant molecule in cannabis sativa and hemp plants?

In today’s cannabis culture, many, and I mean many, assume that THC is the most abundant cannabinoid found in raw marijuana plants.

These many include – talking media heads, so-called educated bud tenders, and even, our most reliable and obsessed connoisseur friends.

However, with the support from the strong bubble bursting hand of science, we’re here to tell you they couldn’t be more wrong.

Because contrary to popular belief, a lesser known cannabinoid easily overshadows THC’s presence, and in fact, has a maternal relationship to it.

This cannabinoid is known as THCA, but what is THCA?

Let’s take a closer look.

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What is THCA?

Quite simply, THCA is the most prominent compound found in raw, uncured, living cannabis plants.

And as the name suggests, THCA is almost entirely the same as THC genetically, aside from having one more molecule, that being the chemical Carbon Monoxide (Co2).

In addition, it has zero psychoactive properties, whereas THC, as we all know, is full of euphoric effects.

So, what gives?

The process of decarboxylation is what gives.

You see, THCA is the precursor to THC, somewhat resembling Pokemon’s Pikachu before it evolves into the mightier, less snuggly Raichu.

Yes, a Pokemon reference.

And when this precursor, THCA is put through decarboxylation, being the process of removing Co2 with heat (vaping or smoking), it becomes the mind-bending THC we all have known and grown to be familiar of.

Or in other words, when raw cannabis plants are baked into delicious edibles for snacking on, or vaporized into thick smoke for inhalation, THCA morphs into THC, making us feel so ever light on our feet.

With this said, THCA’s role isn’t relegated to just being a pre-cursor, but its also proven vital in promoting good-health when being consumed in its original state. Although studies are incredibly early, here is some of the potential its showing.

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Benefits of THCA

Medical research into the potential benefits of THCA has only skimmed the surface of what potentially lies underneath. However, in the meantime, current research shows two major therapeutic benefits:

1. THCA holds anti-proliferative properties

In everyday lingo, this means THCA may be a remedy to stall, or even stop the destructive cell growth so prevalent in cancer tumors, provided by the results of numerous prostate cancer studies.

2. THCA holds neuro-protective properties

More notably, many studies have shown THCA to effectively fight against diseases that gradually chip away at our nervous system, therefore, being a remedy for life-threatening conditions we currently have no answers for. These diseases include alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and huntington’s.

However, given that medical research is still in its infancy, more studies need to be conducted in order to push the cannabinoid into revolutionary disease fighting status. Time will only tell.

But, if you’re anxious to try, or if time is something you don’t have – THCA crystalline exists.


What is THCA Crystalline?

Reaping the benefits of THCA, before its transformation into THC, comes in the form of “crystalline” – the almost pure THCA concentrate.

How pure you ask?

up to 99.9% pure.

Rigid and crystal-like in its texture and easily resembling crushed rock salt, THCA crystalline is best used as an edible, being sprinkled onto foods, or alternatively portioned into pills or capsules to be swallowed.

And since THCA crystalline is empty of terpenes, the molecules that give cannabis its trademark flavors and aroma, it also makes for a convenient supplement into raw foods as a healthy additive.

To find out more about cannabis concentrates in-depth, check out this article.


What is THCA in Hindsight

As for now, the road to complete cannabis legalization is well underway, so look out for more research and information on the medical potential of THCA.

We have a strong feeling its going create a storm of revolutionary-like proportions.

Stay tuned for more articles. Thanks for reading.

And as always,