Blue Dream Strain Review

I’ve been using cannabis for over 10 years now, and oh my how the times have changed. No longer do we get random bags of “weed” that really look more like grandmas 20 year old jar of aged oregano. In that time frame, we’ve gone from smoke what ever happens to be available to a fully categorized system that has product quality tests. If someone said they had “Kush” you knew that A. Your bag would be short B. It smelled great C. You would be calling back in an hour because your friends knew that you had the good stuff.

Now we get to pick through a wide range of products and strains. After personally experimenting with many, many strains I can say Blue Dream is easily one of my favourite. Right off the bat it’s a beautiful bud. Usually a lighter green with plenty of orange hairs give it a distinct look. It’s sweet smell is really easy on the nose, a far cry from very skunky and pungent smelling strains. What really amazes me and keeps pulling me back is its lovely uplifting effects. Sativa‘s are known for their “heady” and cerebral effects, bringing an enhanced sense of creativity and euphoria. Well with Blue Dream you get all that and more. I like to call it a subtle smoke, because you aren’t going to get put on your ass. You might not even necessarily “feel” to different. What you will feel is an overall sense of well being. Any conversations you have will feel deep and have more meaning then they normally would. Conversations about life, philosophy, politics ¬†and our own existence. Picking up an art supply will come with ease, and the picture you painted in your head will flow to paper like a hot knife through butter. It feels effortless to enter a zone of creativity, a place where you and the canvas are one with each other. I find that Blue Dream is the perfect day time, and background strain. A real, go out and get everything you want done strain. Since the day I first took that toke of Blue Dream, I knew she’d be around in my life for a long, long time.