Using cannabis for sleep has been a well-known practice utilized by thousands of people around the world. That said, a good night’s sleep is crucial for every human being to survive and thrive in life. Statistically, the average human spends about 230,000 hours asleep during the average life span (approximately 1/3 of their lives), but sleep itself may not be so easy to come by at times.

It’s been estimated that about 30 to 40% of all adults in North America experience some sort of sleeping disorder such as insomnia at one point or another in their lives, and about 10 to 15% will have to deal with chronic insomnia. So with the numbers stacked so heavily against us, how can we reclaim our beauty sleep and gain the upper hand in the fight for sleep?

To answer your question, the solution to these sleep problems may lie in cannabis. To find out why, keep on reading.

The Importance of Being Well Rested

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A good night’s sleep is an essential ingredient to good health. so much so that good or bad sleep can bleed into other areas of your life, affecting a vast array of things ranging from physical fitness, stress control, to even mental health and acuity. That said, pulling an all-nighter is no longer something noteworthy to brag about (I don’t think it ever was). Here are some of the most important ways a night of uninterrupted slumber can benefit you:

Lack of Sleep can Lead to Acute Weight Gain

Studies have shown that those who find themselves getting poor sleep tend to have higher BMIs weight significantly more than their well-rested counterparts. 

As a matter of fact, the shortness of sleep duration is heavily linked to obesity in many adults and children, with adults having a 55% chance and children an 89% chance of developing obesity due to poor sleep!

The effect poor sleep has on weight gain has been linked to a variety of contributing factors including, hormonal imbalances, stress levels, and general motivation to exercise

Well Rested Individuals Tend to Eat Fewer Calories

By the same token, being well-rested can provide individuals with a host of healthy benefits. One of the main ones that comes to mind is the regulation of appetite hormones like ghrelin and leptin. 

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As we previously mentioned, lack of sleep generally leads to hormonal imbalances that can cause stress and binge eating, resulting in an increase in Body Mass Index (BMI). The opposite holds to be true when individuals are able to sleep well as hormones and stress are able to be regulated and balanced to optimize function for the next day.

Well Rested Individuals Tend to be Sharper

A good night’s sleep allows your body to focus on repairing your body and mind while also making neural connections, analyzing, and processing the information you are exposed to during the day. This keeps you sharp and ready to go as soon as you wake up. Basic functions we take for granted like memory, comprehension, and concentration are all fortified by a rich and deep slumber.

How Cannabis Can Help You Get to Sleep

So we have covered the benefits of getting proper sleep, but if you suffer from sleep problems, a good night’s sleep may be a bit more difficult to achieve. Thanks to the advent of legal cannabis, people with chronic sleep problems have a natural yet effective way to fall asleep. Here is how cannabis can help with sleep:

Cannabis is a Great Reliever of Anxiety

One of the largest contributing factors to sleep problems is the combination of stress and anxiety. Even worse, for those who already struggle with anxiety, a lack of sleep can also contribute to exacerbating the effects of the said anxiety, which in turn will result in less sleep, a vicious cycle particularly harmful to long term health.

Cannabis has been shown to provide nearly instantaneous relief to anxiety-prone individuals. Whether the cannabis is smoked, ingested, or applied topically, the herb is well-known to alleviate anxiety and stress. Coupled with its sedating properties, cannabis can be a great option to break the cycle.

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Certain edibles, such as the ones offered by Twisted Extracts, are specifically formulated with indica heavy strains to help take that edge off and lull your body to sleep. Edibles taste as great as they work, so you might only need a single dose to help you catch some extra Z’s! 

Cannabis Helps to Sedate the Body

Alongside its anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties, the cannabinoids of cannabis are also known to produce a plethora of therapeutic effects. In order to fall asleep, it is first important to become relaxed. Several stressors throughout the day can contribute to tenseness or restlessness when planning on sleeping.

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Cannabis combats this by enveloping the body in a relaxing aura, relieving much of the tension and stiffness associated with stress and general restlessness. For those who do not wish to achieve the high with cannabis, non-psychoactive CBD oils can provide the benefits without the high.


Today, there are CBD products that combine melatonin, our body’s natural “alarm clock” for sleep with CBD to create a potent sleep aid that’s sure to put your mind and body at ease. Since they’re lab tested and contain no THC whatsoever, they’re safe to use and won’t run you the risk of failing a drug test!

Don’t continue poisoning your body with Nyquil – take a natural, holistic approach to your health! 

Cannabis May Help in Achieving a Deeper Sleep

Sometimes getting to sleep is the easy part, however, remaining in a fulfilling deep sleep can be difficult for some. While studies have shown that cannabis does in fact aid in helping individuals fall asleep faster, it also decreases REM Sleep and increases Deep Sleep or Slow Wave Sleep, a component critical for memory consolidation.

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Along with providing a generally relaxing space to ease your body and mind, certain strains of cannabis can actually help eliminate insomnia altogether. 

Better yet, cannabis can also help to restructure your sleep schedule if you have fallen off your track. The herb’s sedating properties make it ever so easy to lay down and fall into a slumber, remaining in a deep sleep until you are fully awake.

Not sure what to smoke? Indica strains are immensely popular for their “body high” effects of sedation and relaxation. Death Bubba is one strain that many of us at Herb Approach still swear by to help us get some rest! 

Cannabis For Sleep – The Final Hit

Sleep is an incredibly important aspect of human survival and well being. It replenishes us not only mentally, but also physically and is the root of many hormonal balances.

That said, keeping a consistent and healthy sleep schedule can provide you with a much-needed boost that will bleed into other areas of your life.

Edibles specifically formulated for sleep, THC and CBD tinctures and even dank flower itself are all helpful sleep aids, but they should not be used as a crutch every single time you’re having trouble sleeping.

When using cannabis to achieve better sleep, it’s important to not overdo it as this will just cause more long term damage.

In the world of cannabis, much like anything else, pacing and moderation are essential to achieving good results, but just know that if the need ever arise, cannabis for sleep products will always be there to watch your back!

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