April is upon us, and that means one thing for the cannabis community: 420! Here at Herb Approach, we’re rolling out the red carpet for our annual 420 extravaganza, where we celebrate the green in grand style. This year, we’re going above and beyond to make sure you have the chillest, thrilliest 420 ever. Buckle up, because we have the best 420 deals and they are hotter than a lighter fresh off a bowl session!

Thursday: The Sale That Sets the Bar High

From the get-go, we’re turning the hype up to eleven. Grab ounces for just $79.99, and with every order, you get a free Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies Variety Pack because we believe in a little lagniappe (that’s a small gift for the uninitiated). Spending big? Orders over $250 snag you a $20 gift card, because the more you spend, the more you should get back… it’s only fair!

Dive Into Concentrates & More

Get sticky with up to 50% off on all concentrates. Hooti carts? A mere $11.99. Edibles and pre-rolls are also up to 50% off, with Apex 500mg dropping to $9.99 and Wonders pre-rolls to $7.99. It’s like Christmas came early, but better… this is one of the killer 420 deals we offer!

Friday: Flower Power Day

Friday is all about the flowers. Enjoy a 20% discount across all flower products. Plus, exclusive for the day: Mac 10 ounces for an outrageously LOW PRICE. And don’t miss the debut of new flavors from Baked vapes. Because the only thing better than vaping is vaping with new, tantalizing flavors.

Saturday: The Deals Keep Rolling

The party doesn’t stop! Score Park Fire OG half ounces for a SPECIAL DEAL stay tuned to find out and get a free raffle ticket with every order because who doesn’t love winning stuff?

Did Someone Say 50% Off?

We’re not done yet! Get ready for mind-blowing discounts on some of our most coveted items:

  • 1500mg THC Hooti Tincture and SJ CBD Gummies are both a steal at 50% off. Perfect for those who like their relief delivered powerfully and deliciously.
  • Bliss 250mg in Blue Raspberry and Grape flavors, plus SJ 500mg Chocolates, are slashed by 20%. These treats aren’t just tasty—they’re also perfect for dosing on those long, loungy afternoons.
  • And for those looking to light up, the insider scoop is out: Chronic Rock Pre Rolls and Wonders Minis are 50% and 20% off respectively. Top Shelf Pre Rolls? You guessed it—20% off.

The Best 420 Deals: Everything Else?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the rest of the treasure trove. at Herb Approach, we believe everyone should go home (or stay home) happy this 420.

Why Herb Approach?

At Herb Approach, we’re not just about selling cannabis—we’re about celebrating it. Our 420 sale is designed to delight and deliver, ensuring you have everything you need to make this 420 the most memorable one yet. From our quality products to our killer deals, we’re here to make sure that this April 20th, you’re not just lighting up—you’re lighting up in style.

So, what are you waiting for? The deals are ready, the stock is set, and all we need now is you. Come celebrate 420 with Herb Approach and let’s make it a day to remember. Just remember to shop early because at these prices, things tend to disappear faster than snacks at a smoke sesh!