It didn’t take very long for media outlets to pick up news of Canada’s desire to legalize recreational pot. Comedian and Late Night show host Jimmy Kimmel took a hit at marijuana laws in Canada. Going on to state ” we must really want Seth Rogen back.”

He went on to say the current punishment for possession of marijuana is ” Hey maybe don’t do that eh.”

With Canada becoming the first country in the G7 to legalize marijuana it’s not necessarily a shoe in. There are international treaties in place prohibiting the sale of Marijuana and this would be a huge violation against Canada.

The U.S. currently has a handful of states with recreational pot, none of which are legal at the federal level.

Although there will be adversity, including from opposition party leaders, the bill is expected to forward before July, 2018. To ensure a smooth transition a thorough review of all marijuana related laws is necessary.

Yesterday we got a glimpse as to what we’ll be seeing with marijuana legalization. Stiff penalties for impaired driving and selling to minors are two major issues.

” I guess we’re just going to be the stoners living in America’s attic.”