The team at Herb Approach is thrilled to invite you to this annual event, where the love for cannabis is celebrated, and the community comes together to share, learn, and win some fantastic prizes. Let’s dive into what the 420 Cup has in store for you.

How to Dive Into the Herb Approach 420 Cup

Participating in the Herb Approach 420 Cup couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how:

Herb Approach 420 cup
  1. Enter Through Social Media: Ensure you’re following our social media account get more entries, by following both instagram and twitter.
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    This is your all-access pass to the Herb Approach 420 Cup updates and a treasure trove of cannabis content.
  2. Vote For Your Favorite: Head over to the post and comment with your favorite strain from our selection. It’s a celebration of preferences and peculiarities, and we can’t wait to hear yours.
  3. Tag Your Crew: The 420 Cup is better with friends. Tag two in your comment to get them in on the action. It’s all about spreading those good, green vibes.

The Prize Pot Awaits

Five winners will recieve a AAAA Premium Ounce, winners chosen April 20 2024

Why Join the 420 Cup?

Other then winning, the 420 Cup is a celebration of cannabis culture. It’s gives us a chance to engage with the community, share your love for cannabis. You can pick your own favourite strains and find out what others are enjoying now! As well as, of strains that Herb Approach offers. This isnt just any ordinary contest, you’re joining a celebration of the plant that brings joy, relaxation, and relief to our lives.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow along, share your favorite strain, tag your friends, and mark those dates on your calendar. You could be ONE of FIVE lucky ones to snag a premium AAAA ounce and make this 420 one for the books.

Here’s to celebrating all things cannabis and the community that loves it. Good luck to all participants in the 420 Cup, and let’s get this celebration started!

We’re looking forward to seeing your entries and celebrating the Herb Approach 420 Cup together! Let’s make this 2024’s 420 unforgettable!