Alright, so when it comes to dank weed, you don’t get much more timeless than Purple Kush. Back when Cannabis existed exclusively on the black market, this would be the go-to, high-end strain name for dealers who had no idea what they were selling, but wanted to up-sell its quality, and its easy to understand why. Known for its dark purple hue, and intense crystal THC formation, this classic strain has been rocking people’s worlds since the 1970’s.

Originally developed in the Oakland area of California, Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain is the result of cross-breeding Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Getting its purple tinge from the Afghani, and its heavy trichome development from the Hindu, this strain is a deadly mix of looks and power. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy busting up some dank purple weed?

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However, one should always beware of imitators. By using specific grow techniques, certain types of feed, and the application of cold temperatures, it is possible for growers to “shock” their weed into turning purple. It should be noted, these techniques will NOT make the weed any stronger, and it certainly does not make it actual Purple Kush. Thankfully, those questionable marketing techniques have mostly been abandoned since the upcoming legalization of Cannabis, and if you’re buying from a reputable source you really don’t have much to worry about. For those curious, true Purple Kush will be very short and bushy, growing wide and stout, with the purple colouration occurring early in the budding cycle.

Effect wise, this pure Indica tends to land on the sleepier side, with solid applications for pain management and obviously insomnia. One thing Purple Kush is known for is a long lasting high, with many users reporting solid trips sometimes lasting over three hours. Relaxation and stress management are other benefits of Purple Kush, making it the ideal smoke for winding down after a long day at the office, or after dealing with a hectic night out on the town.

Because of its high THC count, some users report a very trippy buzz from smoking Purple Kush. From closed eye hallucinations to strong body euphoria, this Indica is a force to be reckoned with, and should be treated as such. Novices, remember to take small tokes and wait to see how heavy it kicks. Experienced psychonauts, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Enjoy!

Generally speaking, this strain isn’t the likeliest to give you the munchies, but that being said, everyone is different and this is still and Indica! Therefore it might be best to have a frozen pizza on standby, just in case.

Aroma wise, Purple Kush tends to lean to the earthy side of the pallet spectrum, with a strong nose sure to ‘Wow’ your friends. Suffice to say, you might want to double bag this one. Regarding flavour, which will obviously vary grow to grow, Purple Kush tends to be quite sweet, with tinges of grape and berry overtones.

Overall, this is an excellent tasting weed, with strong cognitive effects and a killer look to boot. Being one of the more popular strains on the Cannabis market, you may have tried it before, in which case you know its powerful effects, but nonetheless I would recommend you give Herb Approach’s batch a try. Don’t forget to pack your moon boots, because you’re about to blast off. Hope you enjoyed our Purple Kush Strain Review, happy smoking friends!