Value Buds, despite being a value choice, gets a bad reputation. For some reason or another, humans place a high value on items with a high price tag. Regardless of whether or not it’s an accurate representation of their quality. Marketers have always known that the pricing of a product affects how it’s perceived but are pricier items really more premium? 

Well, the truth is, not always. 

While some products, like our Craft Collection of cannabis strains, have a higher price tag because of their smaller batch sizes. Organic soil, and nutrient-controlled growing processes, many other products are priced higher simply because they can! 

So, what does this mean for the average consumer? 

It means that you’re paying, on average, two or three times more for a product you think has a higher value. In other words, you’re paying for the branding and marketing of the product than the actual product itself. Which is why so many Canadians are buying their weed online instead of at government dispensaries

Since we don’t brand or market our products (except through word-of-mouth and happy customer testimonials!) or rent out retail space to open a dispensary, we’re able to deliver all of those cost savings to you, the consumer. 

Still, with our weed and weed products are transparently priced. You might wonder why we offer a “value buds” menu at all.

We created this article to help you understand what budget buds are, why they’re cheaper than our other offerings, and why they’re not necessarily worse than their “normal” counterparts! 

Let’s dive in.

What Are Value Buds?

budget buds island sweet skunk

What are value buds in the first place? For us, Value Buds is flower that might have some aesthetic or visual imperfections that might not make them as appealing. It’s the equivalent of a grocery store or supermarket marking down the price for fruits and vegetables that are oddly shaped or blemished. Oblong-shaped bell peppers, apples with blemishes and ugly tomatoes are just some examples of “ugly fruit” sold at lower prices to fight global food waste. 

Well, it’s almost the same story with weed.

All of our flower is hand-trimmed and hang-dried before it’s sold and shipped across Canada. 

Unfortunately, not all buds are grown equal and some are going to end up uglier than others. Despite our best trimming efforts, some buds are inevitably going to end up as popcorn weed

Like the ‘ugly’ fruits and vegetables mentioned above, there’s nothing wrong with these so-called budget-buds at all! They might look a bit different than their ‘normal’ counterparts but all-in-all. They still have all the terpenes, potency, and flavour of regular weed, but they’re just slightly ‘uglier!’ 

What Makes Value Buds Different?

Are budget buds really that different compared to regular buds? 

While the name might suggest otherwise, budget buds aren’t all that different in terms of quality or experience than regular weed. Other than being shaped like popcorn weed, Herb Approach’s budget buds menu doesn’t really deviate from the norm. 

If you plan on enjoying some budget buds yourself, the only thing you should expect is slightly  smaller buds. There’ll be no difference in the dankness of the weed, its flavour, potency or freshness! 

Is It Worse Than Regular Weed?

Value buds are no worse than their regular counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect the exact same experience! 

If you’re big on bag appeal and the look of your buds, then you might be a bit disappointed. Our budget bud offerings are often smaller, chunkier-sized nugs that simply don’t look all that great. 

You might also not see availability for all the strains that you enjoy. Since we rotate our budget bud offerings based on the availability of odd-shaped nugs, our budget bud menu is a rotating roster of strains. 

However, this is all to say that these budget offerings are not worse off than regular weed. If you’re only interested in the potency, freshness, and smoking experience of your weed, then budget buds are right up your alley! Shop our entire budget buds menu here