The quest for better sleep has led many to the local dispensaries, hoping cannabis is a potential nightcap. With both curiosity and legality sweeping across different regions, there’s no better time to dive deep into the greens… and no, we’re not talking about veggies. This article unpacks both the scientific findings and real world chatter surrounding cannabis. As well as, its effectiveness in sending us off to dreamland, particularly focusing on what happens when you sleep high.

Understanding Cannabis and Sleep

Does Cannabis Help You Sleep?

What Happens When You Sleep High?

If tossing and turning were a sport, there would be athletes without wanting to be. Thankfully, cannabis steps in as a game changer. Users report that cannabis can put you to sleep faster, almost like a snooze button for the body. While this may sound like magic, the science suggests it’s all about the chemicals, specifically THC, which might just be the sandman’s best friend. But what exactruly happens when you sleep high? Does the quality of sleep change?

How Cannabis Functions as a Sleep Aid

Cannabis interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a network that keeps our body in balance, including sleep cycles. THC, the lead actor in this play, is known for its ability to pull the curtains on a busy mind and set the stage for sleep. On the other side, CBD is that calm sibling, helping you dial down anxiety and maybe it will make counting sheep a thing of the past. This interaction is central to understanding what happens when you sleep high.

Evaluating Cannabis’ Impact on Sleep Quality

Benefits of Using Cannabis for Sleep

Imagine getting into bed and actually sleeping through the night… sounds dreamy, right? For those wrestling with pain or anxiety at night, cannabis might just be the cozy blanket they need, potentially prolonging sleep time and reducing those annoying midnight meetups with wakefulness. The effects of what happens when you sleep high can often result in a more uninterrupted sleep.

Potential Negative Effects on Sleep Cycles

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Regular voyages with cannabis might change your sleep, particularly affecting REM sleep, the stage where your brain decides to go on its wildest adventures (aka dreaming). Less REM might sound okay, but it’s like skipping chapters in a book: you miss out on a lot of good stuff. It’s crucial to consider these aspects when evaluating what happens when you sleep high.

Comparing Cannabis With Other Natural Sleep Aids

Unique Aspects of Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

While melatonin might be the go to for jet lag, cannabis offers a two-pronged approach. It doesn’t just send you off to sleep… it might also tackle those nagging pains or worries that keep you up. Think of it as a multitool, except it’s for your sleep. This is a significant part of what happens when you sleep high… it’s not just about sleeping, but sleeping well.

Selecting the Right Cannabis Strain for Sleep

What Happens When You Sleep High - Cheeba Cheebas

Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Lean towards Indica strains if you’re looking to relax. These strains are like the comfort food of cannabis, settling and soothing. Save the Sativas for daytime activities unless you want to spend the night thinking about every life choice. The choice of strain can greatly influence what happens when you sleep high.

THC vs. CBD: What’s Better for Sleep?

THC-rich strains are the heavy hitters for putting you to sleep, but if you’re not a fan of the high, CBD might be your nighttime hero. Or, mix it up with a hybrid strain for a balanced bedtime story. Understanding the different effects of THC and CBD is key to anticipating what happens when you sleep high.

Understanding Risks and Side Effects

Can Cannabis Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep?

Side effects might include dry mouth (keep water by your bed), dizziness, or feeling groggy the next day. Feels like waking up with a sleep hangover. These are part of what happens when you sleep high and should be thought of when choosing to use cannabis as a sleep aid.

Best Practices for Using Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

Optimal Timing for Consumption

Timing is everything. Aim to partake 1-2 hours before hitting the sack to give the buzz time to settle down as you wind down. This helps control what happens when you sleep high, optimizing the benefits while minimizing disruptions to your sleep cycle.

Choosing the Right Form of Cannabis

Edibles might keep you sleeping longer, but remember, they’re slow to kick off the party, so plan for it. Smoking or vaping offers a quicker high but will fade faster. The form you choose can affect your experience of what happens when you sleep high.

Observing and Understanding the Effects

What to Expect When You Sleep High

You might notice yourself sinking into the mattress a bit more and finding that sweet spot of comfort. However, be prepared for less dreams. which could be a pro or a con, depending on how you feel about dreaming of showing up naked to work. These sensations are typical examples of what happens when you sleep high.

Making an Informed Decision

Is Cannabis Right for Your Sleep Needs?

It’s like choosing a mattress… what works for some might not work for others. Assess your health, consider local laws, and maybe have a chat with a healthcare provider to make sure you’re setting up for the best night’s sleep. Making a good informed decision is crucial in managing what happens when you sleep high.


Navigating the night with cannabis can be like finding a new ally in the battle for better sleep. But remember, it’s important to stay informed and cautious. Approach it as you would any new addition to your night routine. As research grows, so will our understanding, hopefully leading us to many more good nights ahead.