One of the ways you can purchase marijuana legally is by buying from licensed marijuana dispensary. Marijuana production is a growing business in Canada. Buying from licensed marijuana dispensary means you are getting trouble-free marijuana.

It used to be a problem that restrictions in almost all provinces heavily favor producers growing marijuana for medical use.  Since the introduction of the ACMPR, buying from licensed dispensaries have become much easier to get access to marijuana.  Buying from dispensaries also means supporting local growers and staying away from illegal drug trade.

Dispensaries are legal and safe. For the best experience, don’t go to a marijuana dispensary without reading these tips.

1.     Make sure to shop around for prices, and always bring cash

This is a common mistake to beginners. There is some difference in prices among marijuana dispensaries, so you really need to do some window shopping at first. Start by visiting dispensaries or licensed producers in your area and see what you can get. See the varieties available in your area. In addition to looking for weed in herb form, explore other forms such as oils, waxes, teas, edibles, and patches.

Make it a lot more convenient to the dispensary by paying in cash. There are a significant number of dispensaries that have poor access to banking services, despite being legal. Make it easy by simply paying in cash.

When shopping around for prices or dispensaries, it is often unnecessary to ask around. Start by searching for legal marijuana dispensaries in your area and go straight to the store. You don’t want someone pointing you to buy from a drug dealer.

2.     It is perfectly okay to talk to the people behind the counter

There is a distinction when comparing dispensaries and retail shops or businesses. In almost all dispensaries, the staff are usually experienced and have a lot of knowledge about marijuana culture. Unlike in retail stores, staff in most dispensaries are not just not there to sell, but also educate shoppers. The staff are there to educate and recommend the right products to customers.

If you are a beginner, you can update your knowledge by talking to the staff. Do it while waiting! Ask for things such as recommended strains for relaxing or creativity, or best options to have in for your required medical purposes.

3.     Don’t just settle down on a single strain or quality

Some users simply stick to one particular strain. There could be good reasons such consistency or they just really like that particular variety. There is nothing bad in that. However, you might be missing out on a world of other delicious strains that offer different experiences.

On the other hand, do not be enticed with fancy names of strains. Although they do sound awesome, many of these terms are often meaningless. Beginners should choose from few known strains at first.   Do your research, or ask questions!

4.     Always examine the weed before buying

Learn to feel and smell the flower.  Examining the item is a thing you cannot do when you choose mail order marijuana, or purchasing form licensed producer. If you choose to buy weed online and would wish to determine the herb quality, try to search for reviews and go with your gut instinct.  If purchasing from online dispensaries, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  A good online weed supplier will respond to your inquiries instantly.

If you are in a store, you now have the opportunity to appreciate the quality of herbs. Feel the texture, fragility, and stickiness of the bud. Try to make out the leaves, flower buds, or stems that make the herb. Give it a whiff and try to identify those odors. Are they moldy? Skunky? Fruity? Learn to identify good weed from mediocre.

When inspecting the herb, look for good qualities such as the color of the leaves, stickiness, and aroma. Note if there is any mold, bugs, mildew or discoloration on the herb, which indicates low-quality. These qualities often have a big difference when smoking the herb.

5.      Learn to Walk Away

When selecting a marijuana dispensary, choose one that isn’t out there  just there for your money.  A lot of times people may feel pressured into buying after they have already walked in to  the store.  Always keep in mind that you are there to get your medicine, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If your marijuana provider does not offer any knowledge and does not allow you to look at the marijuana closely, simply walk away.

Although weed sellers do not have to stick to quality standards like they have on traditional mediation, it does not mean you have to settle on low-quality weed. And in some places, you can really get weed full of rubbish stems unless you do a close inspection first.

Many stores allow customers to remove herb out of the container for a closer look.  If you are in a dispensary where the staff does not want to talk to you, simply look for another.  There are plenty of dispensaries that are helpful and knowledgeable, and not just out there to take your money.

So there you go. You made a good decision to purchase weed from legal sources. You may have to do paperwork and wait in line, but that is a small exchange for being trouble-free. Make most of your stay in the dispensary by learning more about marijuana, and pass your time by trying the edibles too!



Although there are still restrictions, you can go around them and still get weed safely. If you want high-quality weed, especially for medical conditions, you have to go to a licensed producer. They offer consistent quality, access to better quality herbs. Going to a legal, licensed producer is a lot safer and a guaranteed trouble-free place.  The only issue when going through a licensed producer is all of the paper work that you are required to submit.  Another alternative is to purchase your weed through online dispensaries.  Check our guide on how to buy marijuana online.