How to smoke a joint – for many tokers, this is an automatic process but if you’re not familiar with the intricacies and nuances of this time-honoured ritual, you might be never invited to another session again.

A joint sometimes, called a doob or a doobie, is often many user’s first introduction to cannabis. 

For many beginner cannabis users, their first few tries to smoke from a joint were unsuccessful, for any number of reasons. 

There is no shame in learning to refine your technique to become a professional joint smoker for it is still commonly agreed that how to smoke weed with a joint is an art.

In this article, we’ll explore how to smoke a joint,  our tips for how to roll the perfect doob and some important cannabis etiquette that needs to be respected in this ancient, cannabis ritual. 

What are the Origins of the Joint?

The humble beginnings of the joint likely go back hundreds, maybe thousands of years. However, the first recorded use of a joint was in Mexico in 1856. This joint was not the traditional joint of today, but a marijuana-infused cigarette discovered by a pharmacist at the University of Guadalajara. 

Until then, marijuana was strongly associated with bongs and pipes and was not commonly accessible through infused cigarettes or joints.

The word joint was not coined until the New Orleans Jazz movement in the 1920s and 1930s.  From there, ground cannabis dried into the shape of a cigarette became popular across the United States and eventually around the world.

Rolling a Joint 101

how to smoke a joint guide

For any weed smoker, learning to roll a joint is a critical skill because a poorly rolled joint won’t burn properly. A poor burning joint is a  waste of your weed and is often an embarrassing experience in front of friends.

To roll the perfect joint, it is important to start with quality cannabis, rolling papers, a grinder and a filter if possible. If you are looking to round out your collection of merchandise, we recommend the Herb Approach flash sale section.

Finely Grind the Cannabis

how to smoke a joint

Using a weed grinder, or even a pair of scissors if you don’t have a grinder, grind the bud into a fine, fluffy texture. A quality grinder is a good investment if you are planning to roll your own joints often.

Add a Filter

Adding a filter to your joints has many benefits. Firstly, a filter supports the shape of the joint making it easier to roll and smoke. It also saves you from the unpleasant experience of having weed pieces fall in your mouth while smoking. Some people like to add the filter after rolling the joint, but we recommend rolling the joint with the filter in for a tighter fit. This also helps to shape and stabilize your joint while rolling.

Evenly Distribute the Cannabis

Once you’ve ground the weed, it is time to begin the process of rolling your joint. Distribute the weed evenly along the rolling paper so the joint takes a cigarette style shape. We recommend adding a bit more weed into the end opposite of the filter and tapering down. This is called rolling a cone. This method is highly recommended for a perfect, even burn.

Pack the Cannabis

Using your fingers or the edge of the rolling papers, gently push down the cannabis so it is tightly packed. You do not want to crush the cannabis but lightly pack it so rolling the joint is easier.

Roll it Up

Now it’s time for the fun part, and often the most stressful part for novice joint rollers. Holding the unrolled joint in your index finger and thumb, gently shape the cannabis by rolling the rolling paper in between your fingers a couple of times. Once you have the perfect shape, roll the paper into itself working your way up the joint.

Lick the Gum and Finish it Off

You’re almost there! Once you’ve rolled your joint, lick the gum (the sticky part of the rolling paper) and finish rolling the joint. You may need to use your fingers a bit. If your joint is not perfectly rolled to your liking, don’t be afraid to start again! It is better to sacrifice your ego than to waste your high-quality stash in an improperly rolled joint.

How to Smoke a Joint

smoking a joint

Smoking a joint is an enjoyable experience, but can be slightly intimidating for the novice weed user. We’ve combined our favorite tips for smoking a joint so you don’t waste a perfectly good joint.

The first step is to take the filtered side of the joint – this is where you smoke from. You don’t need to put the whole end of the joint in your mouth, just enough to inhale.

Taking your lighter in your other hand, light the opposite end to make a quick flame and inhale the smoke from the joint by lightly inhaling. Try not to use the entire force of your lungs, a few quick puffs will do.

Now that your joint is lit, it’s time to inhale lightly and hold the smoke in your lungs for a second. Exhale and repeat until you reach the desired highness. 

You may have heard that holding the smoke in your lungs longer will get you higher. While in theory, this makes sense, in reality, THC absorbs into our bloodstream very quickly – after only a few seconds. Holding the smoke longer only causes coughing and damages your lungs.

It is important to check the burn of your joint periodically to ensure it is burning evenly. Sometimes, one side of the joint may burn faster than the other – this is called canoeing. This is an easy fix – simply add a little flame to the uneven side to even out the burn.

Our Guide to Cannabis Etiquette

There are unspoken rules for a smoking joint, especially in groups where you are sharing.  These manners go a long way.

Always to the left

When passing the joint to another member of your group, always pass to the left. 

Remember: left is law.

Puff Puff Pass

Don’t hog the joint – it is universally accepted that everyone gets two puffs and then must pass it on.

Don’t hold the joint while talking

It is easy to get distracted while sharing a joint with a group of people. Remember to take your two puffs and pass it along, don’t waste the perfect burn by holding it in your hand while sharing a story – also known as “microphoning.” 

Don’t spit all over the joint

There is no need to use excessive amounts of saliva when smoking a joint. A light touch to the lips is more than enough. 

Sharing is caring – take small hits

If you are sharing a joint, it is important to do just that – share. Do not take long drags that finish the joint quickly.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Smoke a Joint

Amongst weed users, rolling and smoking a joint is considered to be a timeless art. Sharing a doobie with friends is an excellent bonding experience and a fun time. With our tips, you can feel confident knowing how to roll and smoke a joint with ease. Have fun!