Is Phoenix Tears a potential cure for cancer?

One the of leading causes of death worldwide is cancer. Globally, approximately 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. 

But what if there was a cure for cancer that has been hidden from the general public?

The miracle drug is called Phoenix Tears. Also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), it was created by surviving cancer patient Rick Simpson.

Rick shared his story on his battle with skin cancer and how he defeated it in a documentary and took it to doctors and cancer organizations in Canada.

However, no one listened to him so he took initiative and created his own cannabis oil and gave it away at no charge to people that were sick. 

What is This Miracle Cure? What is Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears are a potent and concentrated form of the cannabis plant.

Also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Phoenix Tears are a highly concentrated form of cannabis extract that’s gaining traction as alternative medicine that’s being used to combat anything from inflammation and chronic pain to more serious illnesses such as cancer.

The creator of Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson, says that the medicine has safely and successfully cured, “cancer, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, warts, ulcers, skin conditions, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, asthma, and any condition involving mutating cells”.

Simpson claims that there are no diseases that Phoenix Tears can’t treat. 

Which Kind of Phoenix Tears Works Best?

cure for cancer

The originally suggested solvent was naphtha, although there are serious concerns with this ingredient, often used as paint thinner.

While Rick Simpson suggests that the beneficial healing powers of this oil overcome the risk of solvent residue exposure, other options for the solvent include 99% isopropyl alcohol and acetone.

These vary from the propane, butane, or carbon dioxide solvents used by the legal cannabis industry to create cannabis extracts.

Generally, Phoenix Tears are made from indica strains of the cannabis plant. But sativa strains have also been known to produce oils that energize the user and are a good antidepressant.

Indica made oils relaxes the user and allows them to have a deeper sleep which is vital during the healing process. 

How to use Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil)

Initially, the Phoenix Tears how to use guide was as simple as a topical application. Since then, they have been adapted for use in a vaporizer or oral consumption. Since RSO is a thick extract, they require a thinning agent like vegetable glycerin to permit vaping. 

The same goes for dabbing, where RSO can be used, depending on the solvent used and the ultimate consistency of the product. As mentioned, this concentrate is already active, and so the use of heat during dabbing only needs to be enough to vaporize the THC and CBD compounds.

RSO can be used sublingually by putting it under the tongue and allowing it to be absorbed. Effects can be much quicker with the sublingual method, potentially a matter of minutes.

RSO can also be put into capsules, a beverage of your choice or swallowed as is. The effects of this delivery method will be more delayed but usually last for longer. RSO can also be added to food or drinks for the same effect.

What can Phoenix Tears do?

The Phoenix Tears Canada production process leads to decarboxylation, which results in a psychoactive product ready to be consumed, full of THC and CBD.

As mentioned above, the Phoenix Tears high is intense, and managing the proper dosage is essential. The evidence regarding the benefits of topical, oral, and inhaled delivery methods are lacking. That said, there are numerous anecdotal reports out there, but not enough research.

Rick Simpson suggests that RSO can be used to cure or control numerous issues, including pain, MS, depression, arthritis, inflammation, diabetes, sleep problems, asthma, infections, inflammations, blood pressure, depression, and sleeping problems. 

All of these claims are lacking conclusive evidence. There are early indications that suggest cannabis can be helpful to those with the list of conditions described above. 

However, more research is needed. 

Who is Rick Simpson?

As we learned earlier, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is the term initially used to describe the extracted product made by Rick Simpson. The name was coined by Jack Herer and has become closely associated with the term Pheonix Tears over the years.

Rick Simpson is a Canadian medical cannabis patient and activist, born in the Province of Nova Scotia. In 2013 he moved to Europe after facing some repeated legal problems here in Canada. You can read more on the Rick Simpson website.

Rick Simpson created this cannabis concentrate after getting sick from cancer, and not gaining support from his medical professional to use cannabis.

As the story goes, Rick created RSO through experimentation and used it on his basal cell carcinoma on his forearm. He claims that this application of RSO cured his skin cancer. He is known for giving away RSO for free to those in need, and strongly advocates for RSO as a cure for many illnesses and problems.

The World Health Organization noted that his claims are only anecdotal evidence, and it would be unwise to generalize them to all forms of cancer. More information, in terms of high-quality research, needs to be available before we can definitively know where it does and does not help.

Why is Phoenix Tears on Store Shelves?

Many cannabis activists believe that large pharmaceutical companies are withholding the cure for cancer for over a century in the pure pursuit of profit.

Cannabis as a plant cannot be patented and therefore there is no interest and funding in producing the drug.

However today, due to the efforts of pioneers like Rick Simpson, this medicine is available to the masses and people now have the option of medicating themselves. 

Consult a doctor if you have access to medical cannabis and want to discuss RSO. Your budtender can also share information to help you understand the menu to make orders that suit each of your needs and any concerns.

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