What if there was a cure for cancer that has been hidden from the general public?  Is there a miracle cure for cancer that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want cancer patients to know about?  One the of leading causes of death worldwide is cancer. Globally, approximately 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. With 8.8 million deaths caused from this devastating disease in 2015, cancer has become the second leading cause of death globally. 

The miracle drug is called Phoenix Tears. Also known as cannabis oil, it was created by surviving cancer patient Rick Simpson. Rick shared his story on his battle with skin cancer and how he defeated it in a documentary and took it to doctors and cancer organizations in Canada. However no one listened to him so he took initiative and created his own cannabis oil and gave it away no charge to people that were sick. 

What is this miracle cure?

Phoenix Tears are a potent and concentrated form of the cannabis plant. Other common names of this is cannabis oil or Rick Simpson Oil. Whatever the name may be, it is a strong medicine that has been known to cure various forms of cancers, disorders and prevent future diseases. 

The creator of Phoenix Tears says that the medicine has safely and successfully cured, “cancer, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, warts, ulcers, skin conditions, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, asthma, and any condition involving mutating cells”. Simpson claims that there are no diseases that Phoenix Tears can’t treat. 

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Which kind of Phoenix Tears works best?

Phoenix Tears are mostly made from indica strains of the cannabis plant. But sativa strains have also been known to produce oils that energize the user and is a good antidepressant. Indica made oils relaxes the user and allows them to have a deeper sleep which is vital during the healing process. 

How is Phoenix Tears properly taken?

There are 3 different ways to taking Phoenix Tears properly. 

The best way would be ingesting it by applying the oil to the tacky parts on the lower gums of the mouth. Place the index finger with the oil already spread on it between the bottom gum and cheek with the oil towards the gums. Move the finger in a circular motion for the gums to grab on to the oil and repeat until the oil is completely gone. 

Other ways to use Phoenix Tears would be dosing it from the syringe into empty capsules. This method is usually used for beginner users who like to know the exact dosage they are consuming.  Finally users have also been known to vaporize Phoenix Tears which is the least effective way to use the product. 

Why is Phoenix Tears on store shelves?

Many cannabis activists believe that the large pharmaceutical companies are withholding the cure for cancer for over a century in the pure pursuit for profit. Cannabis as a plant cannot be patented and therefore there is no interest and funding into producing the drug. However today, due to the efforts of pioneers like Rick Simpson, this medicine is available to the masses and people now have the option of medicating themselves.