Wake and bake – the only way to start your day.

There’s no denying it, a nice little wake and bake is the perfect way to start your day. Whether you smoke a spliff or chop the bong, it’s never a bad idea to start your morning on a high note. Grab your morning cup of joe and take tokes of the marijuana smoke.

It Puts You in The Zone

wake and bake

Sometimes getting up is a struggle enough. Let alone knowing you have the whole world to conquer. Adding a few puffs of sativa to your morning will help you get in a focused state of mind.

Your Breakfast Will Taste Amazingwake and bake

No denying that marijuana makes your food taste infinitely better. Therefore wouldn’t you want to start off with an amazing meal? French toast has never tasted better mmm…


wake and bake



Coffee and Weed Pairing is Kick-Ass

Many people enjoy a nice coffee to start their morning. But how many of you knew coffee goes great with a joint? Research shows the effects of low amounts of caffeine and THC respond very positively to each other.

Adding a honey oil or concentrate to your coffee or tea is known as a Hippie Speedball.

Kill That Anxiety

Got a big project due? Does your boss stress you out on a daily basis and make you want to rip out every last strand of hair. Then there’s pot for that!

Find a strain that helps you calm the nerves. A few good ones are “Purple Bubba” and “Trainwreck

Walking On a Cloud

wake and bake

Sometimes life tries to bring you down. Just when you’re dealing with your own problems, your friends dump theirs on you too.

Everyone needs a little pick me up every once in a while. Smiling is a contagious feeling, spark one and up keep that smile going all day!

Letting The Creative Juices Flow

Have a last-minute assignment due and you just can’t put the words to paper? Get your creativity flowing with some cannabis.

Sativa’s are known to greatly improve creativity and focus.  Exactly what you might need to get that pen moving!

Really, It’s Just The Best

I don’t know about you but I love leaving my house with that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing I’m going to have a great day. Even if I know I wont be able to get into the jazz cabbage through out the day it’s all good.

Get your morning started right with some good ol’ marijuana. Part of a balanced Breakfast 😉