Modern advances in sciences has brought to light the miracle compound Cannabidiol (CBD). The numerous benefits Cannabidiol holds is truly remarkable, considering it’s been largely kept secret for so many years. The evidence can no longer be hidden from the public, CBD is going to change the lives of many for the better and we can’t wait.

1. Epilepsy

cannabidiol, cbd

Epilepsy is a condition that’s been hindering the life of many with debilitating  tremors, unconsciousness, and staring spells. Many forms usually appear in early childhood, such as Dravet Syndrome and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Cannabidiol has show to almost fully relieve the symptoms of all these ailments.

Epidiolex is CBD derived pharmaceutical that has been approved for all childhood-onset, treatment resistant epilepsy. The amazing thing is that it’s been standardized by the European Union. Currently it’s quite expensive and not readily available, but it’s being pushed forward for mass production.

2. Depression

cannabidiol, cbd

Cannabidiol has been proven to bring positive effects against, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and many more psychiatric symptoms. Thanks to CBD’s reaction with our endocannabinoid system, depression can be alleviated through its use.

Cannabidiol directly effects our serotonin signalling system, which is an important player in regulating our mood and feelings of pleasure and reward. Thus raising our overall mood and bringing our well being to a better place.


3. Diabetes

cannabidiol, cbd

Diabetes has been a main focus in North American disease research in recent years. It’s estimated 10% of Americans suffer from a form of diabetes, and 27% of those cases are undiagnosed. Research into the effects of CBD on diabetes has ramped up since the discovery of how the endocannabinoid system works in correlation with our metabolic process.

Our main metabolic functions including appetite, fat and glucose regulation, and satiety are extremely delicate systems. When they aren’t functioning as they should problems such as diabetes and obesity rear their ugly head.

Studies have shown that CBD has positive effects on managing existing cases of diabetes and even prevents the occurrence of it in the first place.

A study done on mice saw that the group given CBD helped prevent the formation of diabetes! Another study from 2006 showed that Cannabidiol reduced oxidative stress in diabetes cases in rats, leading to improvement of diabetic retinopathy symptoms (this is a complication of diabetes that causes pain, swelling and blindness).


4. Multiple Sclerosis

cannabidiol, cbd
Multiple Sclerosis, also known is MS in an incurable condition in which our immune system attacks the nerve endings on our brain and spinal cord. The results are an almost constant pain with flare ups in certain parts of the body.

Unfortunately like we stated, MS is incurable, but the symptoms that plague peoples day to day lives can be reduced greatly by the use of CBD. GW Pharmaceuticals has a THC-CBD spray known as Sativex. The amazing thing about Sativex is that it’s been approved for treatment of multiple sclerosis. The downfall is that it’s currently expensive and not easily accessed by the ones who need it most.

THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory compounds that offset certain effects MS has on the spinal cord receptors. Certain forms of MS are thought to arise from a viral infection transmitted through white blood cells. Cannabidiol can prevent the transfer of white blood cells, as a result preventing the development of MS in the first place!

5. Schizophrenia

cannabidiol, cbd

Research on CBD to help schizophrenia has been well documented over the past decade. CBD has shown the ability to control psychosis, one of the main forms of schizophrenia.

A 30 year review of all studies done on CBD and schizophrenia was released stating ” CBD prevented human experimental psychosis and was effective in open case reports and clinical trials in patients with schizophrenia with a remarkable safety profile.”

The exactly reason CBD helps the psychosis symptoms is still not fully understood, although medical marijuana research ramping up the correlation will be brought to light soon.

6. Cancer

cannabidiol cbd

Last but not least, CBD is being described as a miracle cure for cancer. In preclinical trials Cannabidiol has show over and over again that it has antineoplastic properties, meaning that it inhibits the growth of neoplasms (tumors). CBD has been seen to stimulate the immune systems response to apoptosis, a type of cell death.

Apoptosis occurs naturally in cellular biology. It’s the method in which our bodies discard old and damages cells to be replaced with new, healthy cells. Cancer cells due to their mutated DNA are able to duck and dodge apoptosis, giving them an abnormally long life span. CBD has shown the ability to promote apoptosis anyways and destroy the damaged cancer cells.

CBD not only breaks down a cancerous cell, it can prevent it from ever becoming that way. Tumors need “food” to survive, this food being blood and nutrients. To grow in size the tumor must create new blood vessels to send messages for extra nutrients to grown. CBD effectively stops those signals, starving the tumor of it’s nutrition.


 CBD Still Has a Long Way to Go

cannabidiol, cbd

Even with all this miraculous information about CBD, it seems like research on it is still lagging behind. Since it is derived from the Cannabis plant many laws and stipulations are put in place that effectively make it very difficult to research on.

The undeniable truth is CBD has way to many healing properties and ailments it helps that it can only be kept secret for so long. Studies, researches, and clinical trials have come a long way and is being actively tested on humans.

In the years to come countless new ways to utilize Cannabidiol will come to light, saving lives that were thought to have been lost.