Creating a blunt is a skill that takes some practice and patience. Blunt rolling isn’t as simple as rolling a joint or spliff, but it’s not impossible either. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t believe how much time you waste before getting the process right. If you don’t know how to roll a blunt, your smoking sessions are going to be very limited from here on out. A perfect blunt provides a smooth smoke and eliminates the risk of burning your fingertips on a joint or downstem from your pipe. There are different ways to roll a blunt, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Whatever technique you choose will depend largely on personal preference

1. What You’ll Need

There are a few materials you’ll need in order to roll a great blunt. The most important is the blunt wrap. You’ll want a wrapper that’s about the same size as a cigarette and can easily roll into a cylindrical shape.

Blunt wraps are a popular option that are pre-cut and ready to use. These days you can usually find blunt wraps at any corner store — they are like one giant rolling paper made of a tobacco wrap. Many blunt fans enjoy the tastes and smells that come from the tobacco leaf wrap. You can also use standard rolling papers if you prefer, but they’ll take a little more effort to roll properly.

A blunt roller – These tools are specifically designed to make rolling blunts easier. They typically have a blunt end and a joint end, so you can choose which type of paper to use. Some also feature a filter end, allowing you to roll a filter-blunt hybrid.

Scissors – For cutting the ends off of your blunt papers.

A Weed Grinder – For grinding up your herbs and creating a consistent texture.

A Rolling Tray – It might get messy. You better have a proper tray to hold your equipment.

2. “Gut” the Blunt

how to roll a blunt guide

The first and arguably hardest step is to “gut”, or in other words, empty the blunt paper’s contents. One effective way is to take a blade, and cut the blunt across it’s entire length. For those who have steady hands, they can instead use their fingers to “crack” the blunt, however, using your fingers to do this is an easy way to ruin blunt papers.

Once this is done, proceed to either empty blunt wrap’s contents into a garbage can or save them for future spliff rolling use. P.S. We advise against adding tobacco into your joints!

3. Make the Wrap Moist

Sorry for those who can’t bear the word moist, but that’s exactly what you need to do. Using your breath, exhale up and down the blunt to make it more malleable to work with. Blunt wraps are normally a little dry, and a bit of moisture goes a long way. However, make sure it’s not over moist, as in damp or soaked, which will require another wrap, making you start from scratch.

4. Fill the Blunt

Now for the fun part – filling up your blunt with that tasty cannabis flower you want to smoke. Since we’re rolling a blunt, we want it packed with as much weed as possible. A good rule of thumb is that an average sized cigarillo will fit about 1-2 grams of weed. If you have a larger blunt with more than several people in the rotation, feel free to jam pack your blunt clown car style.

5. Roll Your Blunt Wrap

how to roll a blunt, blunt papers, blunt wraps

Be careful with this step, as all your hard work and dedication can go down the drain with a bad roll. Like we said earlier, make sure the blunt is a little moist so you can shape it up nice and easy.

Next, spread out the cannabis evenly in your blunt wrap. This makes the rolling process a million times easier.  After it’s spread out, just like a joint, roll the blunt paper gently back and forth until the cannabis forms the shape of your wrap. Then proceed to roll it up and lick it closed.

You will most likely need to use a bit more saliva then you’re used to with a joint. Don’t be afraid to get the blunt a bit wet, as the next step will take care of the moisture. If the blunt ends up with a few cracks or wont close properly, use the gummy from a rolling paper to keep it in place.

And, that’s it! Looks like you’ve pretty much learned how to roll a blunt.

6. Put the Blunt in the Oven

how to roll a blunt, blunt papers, blunt wraps

Don’t actually put your blunt in the oven, unless you want toasty enough to smoke up your house. Instead, take a lighter and run it back and forth along the blunt until it becomes more dry and stiff.

Also, do not put the flame on the actual blunt, just run the lighter close enough so it’s feels the heat.

Congratulations, you’ve just learnt how to roll a blunt! 

You can now take these new found skills, and apply them in your cannabis rolling adventures.

And if you want to dive even deeper into the world of cannabis smokables and learn the differences between blunt vs joint, be sure to check out our ultimate guide. 

Happy smoking!