There’s no better way to keep the good times rolling than to either pick up or perfect the classic art of rolling your own weed with the ideal set of rolling papers. The materials you choose are one of the most crucial factors in determining whether your vessel is one step away from a canoe or the cruise of your life.

Rolling papers can make or break your smoking experience. Learning exactly which types to use depending on your various weed needs is crucial in your overall experience and getting the most usage out of your bud.

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What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are a special kind of paper used to create a sturdy smoking apparatus to hold tobacco, marijuana, or a hybrid blend. They are available in a variety of thicknesses and do not adhere to a specific size or dimensions. 

You are likely to find them available for purchase at a majority of smoke shops as well as other retail locations. Depending on your weed needs, there is an assortment of different kinds to choose from for rolling joints, spliffs, or blunts.

Best Options for Joints

Zig-Zag rolling papers

Whether you’re a beginner or know how to roll a joint like a pro, the first thing to know is rolling papers can make or break a good joint. 

The advantage of rolling joints is that they traditionally only contain weed. While the structure should still be sturdy, joints are lighter in weight, meaning there is a wider variety of rolling paper options to experiment with to find the right fit for you, including slim-sized or flavoured

Ultimately, you are better to opt for a thinner paper for the smoothest, easiest toke. Examples of desirable rolling papers for joints would comprise of wood pulp, hemp, or rice paper. 

One of the most popular and commonly seen brands of rolling papers for joints is Zig Zags. With a vast selection of products to choose from, one of the most popular is the Zig Zag Cut Corners. Their structure makes it easier to tuck the paper in when rolling, creating convenience for experienced users while making it easier for even the most novice joint roller.

Best Papers for Spliffs

What sets spliffs apart from joints and blunts is the integration of tobacco in the rolling process. Because of this, it makes rolling spliffs more time-consuming. It also means that there are additional considerations when it comes to selecting the appropriate rolling papers. 

Since spliffs contain tobacco and cannabis, an important factor to consider when rolling is whether you want to integrate a filter tip. Filter tips are placed at the end of spliffs or cigarettes to help remove the larger tar particles when smoking. However, it is crucial to note that it does not limit the negative impacts of smoking nicotine. 

You can purchase filter tips at most smoke shops that sell rolling papers. Like joints, spliffs are still relatively thin, making it easier to find a wider variety of products to choose from. 

Best Papers for Blunts

blunt rolling papers

Blunts are the Mack Daddy of cannabis rolling, and with great power comes great responsibility and even greater rolling papers. 

When it comes to learning how to roll a blunt, the concepts are similar to rolling a joint. However, there are some key differences between blunt vs joint

Blunts are typically much larger, and the colour of the rolling papers is usually darker. This is because the rolling papers themselves are bigger, like those used for rolling cigars. As for the colour difference, this is because the rolling papers generally contain tobacco, providing an additional rush and energy boost to your buzz. 

However, there are other options for papers that do not contain tobacco, such as those made of hemp

Since they are larger, blunts require thicker rolling papers to keep all the goodness inside.

Rolling Papers are Mostly about Preference

Like any other cannabis-related paraphernalia and weed accessories, you will discover your personal preference regarding rolling papers through experimentation. 

Of course, there is something to be said in terms of maintaining structural integrity depending on what you are rolling, but for the most part, it comes back to the tried and true method of trial and error when it comes to finding what you like best. 

But isn’t that part of the fun? Happy rolling!

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