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Cannabis Legalization Doesn't Cause Traffic Accidents

Cannabis Legalization Doesn’t Cause Traffic Accidents

A new study has found that cannabis legalization doesn't cause traffic accidents. Read more about what researchers discovered here!
cbd cream

CBD Cream – 5 of the Best CBD Creams 2022

CBD cream is a widely utilized product for supplying fast, localized relief. Find out more about what it is, what's in it and how it works on our blog!

High CBD Strains For Anxiety, Pain and Stress

Searching for pain and stress relief? Let's look at the best of high-CBD strains ideal for relieving you of a host of symptoms.

The Concentrate Sensei’s Tips and Tricks on How to Dab

Knowing how to dab is a valuable skill. Luckily, we created a helpful guide outlining all the steps you need to know to master this skill.
Synthetic weed

What’s Synthetic Weed? All About K2, Spice and More

While synthetic weed may look harmless because it resembles the real thing, the truth is, it’s dangerous for your health. Here's why.
Best Songs to Listen to While High

20 Best Songs to Listen to While High – New and Old! (Constantly Updated)...

Are you looking for some chill songs to listen to while high? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here's our list of top grooves!
Marijuana Stigma not Existent

America’s Marathon Man is Living Proof that Marijuana’s Stigma is Unfounded

Running is an activity you either love or hate. For some, it’s a transcendental experience often compared to meditation. For others, it triggers avoidant...
norman reedus, medical cannabis for children, raising money, cannabis children

Norman Reedus Raising Money for Children Using Medical Cannabis

Raffle winners will get autographed Walking Dead memorabilia. Funds will go toward supporting pediatric cancer research. Norman Reedus, who plays the motorcycle-riding, crossbow-wielding badass Daryl Dixon...
adhd, cbd, cannabis oil

Ontario Mother Uses Cannabis Oil to Treat Son with ADHD

On the day her son's classmates were getting ready for their high school prom, Oriol Rhodes was picking her only child Evan up from...

Toronto Police Officer Punished For Getting Extremely High With Stolen Edibles

A Toronto police officer who stole and ate a marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized during a pot-shop raid was a “complete idiot” for tampering with...