It’s no secret that having sex while high can take things to an entirely new level, but have you heard of THC lube?

We, as cannabis users, have more options now than ever before when intermingling these two activities. This leads to an experience, which results in the best potential of both. 

However, depending on your individual weed needs, smoking weed may not be the most viable option.

Still, before you get bummed out, don’t worry! With the creation of alternative products such as cannabis lube, you can still use weed to fulfill your bedroom needs.

The evidence surrounding claims that THC and cannabis can help enhance users’ sex life is still developing. According to a recent 2019 study published in Sexual Medicine. As high as, 68.5% of participants stated that sex while using cannabis was more pleasurable.

Today, we’re exploring the saucy and seductive nature of THC lube. As well as how it may be just what you need to heat things up in the bedroom and spice up your sex life!

How Does THC Lube Work?

Since you apply it directly to your skin, THC lube falls under the category of products known as cannabis topicals

Basically, cannabis topicals are creams, ointments, oils and gels that have cannabinoids. More specifically THC vs CBD or both, infused in them.

In the context of THC lubricant, it is infused with the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds present in cannabis.

It typically comes in two consistencies, oil, which has a similar consistency to massage oil. As well as gels, which more closely represent other variations of lube you’d find at a pharmacy or sex shop.

Usually, the cannabinoids are infused in these products in the form of extracts, isolates or oils. With MCT and coconut oil being some of the most popular vessels.

These items are used for a wide range of reasons, most frequently for skin medical conditions. 

Generally speaking, the intended purpose of topicals is not to get high but rather for therapeutic use. However, this isn’t necessarily the case in the context of THC lube, but we’ll speak more to that a bit later on!

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When utilizing cannabis topicals, it’s crucial to determine whether you’re utilizing a topical or transdermal product.

Transdermal‘ describes a product that facilitates the transportation of cannabinoids from the skin into the bloodstream. In other words, it will get you high. Common transdermal cannabis products include patches and gels.

When discussing THC, specifically, it serves as a vasodilator, which is just a fancy term to describe how it dilates blood vessels. Essentially, what scientists believe is that THC, through its vasodilation abilities,  increases blood flow to the erectile tissue. 

Increased blood flow leads to enhanced pleasure and lubrication, which contribute to better sex!

Who is Cannabis Lube For?

Now that we’ve covered the technicalities, we’ll get into who stands to gain the most from marijuana lubricant. We’re about to use some anatomical terminology. We hope you’ve progressed and matured since the giggle fits incurred during your middle school health class days.

After all, we’re all adults here!

When it comes to who can benefit from using cannabis lube, the answer is, well, everyone.

However, for men contemplating weed lube, the answer of whether someone with male reproductive parts can use cannabis lube is yes, if you use it anally.

Weed lube won’t work if you apply it to a penis. This distinct difference is because lubes don’t have as much effect on the skin of the penis since it isn’t nearly as absorbent as that of the vagina and vulva.

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thc lube use

One of the injustices of the current sex market, and while it is improving, is that females as a whole are significantly underserved. 

With dozens of pills just for erectile dysfunction alone, very few products cater to women, specifically.

Research indicates that products such as marijuana lube with THC oil can help relax the soft tissue in the vagina, prompting more arousal for women. 

Studies have also established a clear connection between endocannabinoid levels and arousal, particularly in females.

In other words, through its close interaction with the endocannabinoid system, cannabis lube may also help users “get in the mood” for sex. 

On top of promoting better pleasure and lubrication, THC and many other compounds present in cannabis also supply soothing properties and immunomodulatory potential.

Immunomodulatory refers to a substance that stimulates or suppresses the immune system and may help the body fight infection.

All this is to say that the various chemical compounds in weed, when infused into a lubricant, may also help users relax and benefit those who experience pain during any part of sex. 

Will THC Lube Get me High?

As we said before, when using cannabis lube, the effects will be different for each particular user. However, it also relies on the specific product you’re using and how much.

For the most part, you likely won’t experience a psychoactive high through using marijuana lube. 

This distinction is because, unlike CBD lube, which will most certainly not get you high, THC lubricant may supply some high-like effects for those who are particularly sensitive to THC or use it in higher doses.

Even if you do feel a bit of a buzz, it will be nothing like the more potent, psychoactive high you’d experience if you were to smoke, vape, or eat cannabis. 

In this sense, weed lube also doesn’t promote other common side effects that marijuana is known for. Such as bringing on the munchies or making you feel couch-lock.

That said, some weed strains are more ideal for enhancing sexual experience than others. Be sure to check our picks for the best strains for sex!

Additionally, unlike smoking or vaping, the effects of weed lube won’t be instantaneous. 

In other words, it’s not as if you’ll apply it and immediately become turned on.

It will likely take between 15-20 minutes or more to notice any real changes. Once they do come about, though, some of the most common sensations users can expect to feel include:

  • Feeling more relaxed
  • Tingly sensations
  • Higher, stronger or prolonged arousal
  • Longer, stronger, and/or multiple orgasms

However, it’s essential to note that if you ingest cannabis lube, you will 100% get high. 

So, if you are engaging in oral sex, the person giving it needs to be aware of this and either perform it before utilizing THC topical lube or expect to get a bit high!

Is Cannabis Lube Safe?

cannabis topicals safety

Since they are typically utilized for medicinal and symptom relief purposes. It’s safe to say that cannabis topical products, including cannabis lube, are safe.

Of course, an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis still can occur. However, as long as you carefully read the instructions and steer clear of any ingredients you know you’re allergic to, you should be okay.

Should you experience an allergic reaction regardless, it’s always a good idea to consult a medical professional.

Additionally, depending on the specific product you’re using, take this as a word of caution. 

If you use latex-based products, such as latex condoms, during sex, it’s a bad idea to mix them with coconut oil-based THC lubes because they can degrade and break condoms and other forms of latex protection.

Such events could make you and your partner more susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted infections and/or cause unintended pregnancy.

The best way to avoid this, if you would like to keep using latex condoms, is to utilize water-based lubes instead. 

If you aren’t sure what your specific weed lube base ingredient is, you should easily be able to find out by asking the specific brand/company it comes from or your local budtender.

After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What are the Best THC Lubes?

If you’re new to the world of mixing weed and sex, or even just to cannabis lube, specifically, it can be intimidating to know which products are the best to use.

Below, we’ll outline a couple of our favourite products to help get you hot and bothered before getting hot and heavy.

Pleasure Enhancement for Her by Lila

Pleasure Enhancement for Her by Lila is specially designed to prolong and enhance the female orgasm. It contains 15 mg of solvent-free THC per ml.

To use this product effectively, apply it topically to the clitoris, inner and outer labia roughly 15-20 minutes before sexual activity. 

While the results may vary, depending on the individual user. Most consumers report warming, tingling, relaxation, longer and intensified orgasms, and reduced pain.

Whether you use it alone or with a partner, Pleasure Enhancement for Her will ignite your senses and engulf your body in pleasure from head to toe!

Note: This product is NOT latex-friendly. 

Sutra Personal Lubricant by Miss Envy

Sutra Personal Lubricant by Miss Envy is a 100% organic THC personal lubricant for her pleasure.

Containing Miss Envy Botanicals’ signature blend, this lubricant creates the ultimate sensual aromatic experience, bringing individuals and couples alike to a higher level of intimacy. 

This product has a distinct formula to enhance the female orgasm with a unique blend of oils to intensify the experience.

Each 30ml contains 300mg of THC.

However, men, you aren’t left without! Sutra Personal Lubricant also acts to prolong stamina in males while also providing a stimulating sensation. There’s something for everyone!

Note: This lubricant is oil-based and contains organic coconut oil. It is NOT latex-friendly.

Cannabis Lube – Using Pot for Pleasure

THC lubricant and cannabis lube is an excellent endeavour for tokers looking to enhance and spice up their sex lives safely and effectively.

If you’re a woman, specifically, cannabis lube is an excellent natural product to purchase. As if you’re looking to increase sensitivity and promote longer, more intense orgasm(s). 

Even products, such as Pleasure Enhancement for Her by Lila and Sutra Personal Lubricant by Miss Envy, help to enhance female gratification and satisfaction.

However, men are not left out! These products are also effective for assisting in prolonging stamina in males and stimulating sensation.

So, if you’re looking to experiment in the bedroom with something fun and creative, weed lube is a safe and fun option. You never know. It may even bring on new sensations you may not otherwise have experienced!