Attach a ‘friendly’ at the end of a word, and it usually means you or the place welcomes the thing or activity.

There’s being ‘Eco-friendly’, ‘Pet-friendly’ and ‘Smoker-friendly’ as straightforward examples.

And yet, there are other ‘friendly’ terms that aren’t so straightforward and clear cut.

‘Netflix-friendly’ is one of them. To say you and your friend are ‘Netflix-friendly’ is to say that the both of you are comfortable and close enough to share the same Netflix account.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Being ‘420 friendly’ is another blurry label. What does 420 friendly mean, you might be thinking.

If you’re at all slightly familiar, you might know it as a code amongst those practicing the cannabis arts…but that’s likely it.

Today, as pre-existing attitudes to cannabis gradually fade, the label ‘420 friendly’ is used in so many different contexts — from the Craigslists, the Tinders, the Bumbles, to even the many travel destinations of the world.

And its use is only going to be more common, so why not be acquainted with it?

Here, we’ll separate all the fake buzz and noise from what’s fact, and further break down what is 420 friendly in just about every modern context.


What Does 420 Friendly Mean - Mural
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What Does 420 Friendly Mean and Where Did it Come From?

In all contexts and situations, 420 friendly means that someone or some place is open to cannabis use.

In regards of its origin, the number 420 denotes April 20, the internationally recognized day to celebrate cannabis.

There are varying explanations on how the 420 date came about. Some say that 420 originated from a police code that describes that ‘deadly’ cannabis use is taking place, but these are just rumors.

The correct origin comes from the 1970’s in California, where 5 high school students made 4:20pm their official meeting time to smoke cannabis after school, which eventually evolved into today’s massive association with all things cannabis. 

What Does 420 Friendly Mean on Craigslist and Why is it Used?

“Great Room Available Kitsilano /420 Friendly House”

Ever see an ad like that and wonder what it means? If you’ve seen an ad for an apartment on Craigslist or AirBnB stating ‘420 friendly’, it denotes that the owners or those living are open-minded around cannabis use, without having to overtly mention it. It’s a more discreet way to communicate that “we welcome cannabis use” online in other words. 

what does 420 friendly mean -craigslist room

What Does 420 Friendly Mean On Dating Apps?

If someone on a dating app is posting ‘420 friendly’ on their dating profile, they’re saying they’re tolerant of meeting someone who uses cannabis. The term might sit alongside other ‘get to know me’ facts in their bio where they have the chance to open up and share personal tidbits.

These fun facts could be deal-breakers (think career, hobbies, religion, children) for some, and for others, they could be deal makers. Regardless of your stance, knowing if someone is ‘420 friendly’ or not is a shortcut way to see if the both of you are compatible.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean - Dating Apps

If someone lists ‘420 friendly’ then you may have come across someone like-minded, and they’ve saved you the trouble of poking with questions!

What Does 420 Friendly Mean When it Comes to Travel Destinations?

In terms of travelling, ‘420 friendly’ can mean a few things.

To start, it might mean the region holds a lenient stance towards marijuana use. It also might mean that the region hosts the most celebratory cannabis events, definitely not your average weed party. And still, a ‘420 friendly’ travel destination might mean that cannabis is entrenched into the region’s identity and history.

There are many facets, but ultimately, if you have plans to visit a ‘420 friendly’ city, expect cannabis use to be as carefree as purchasing groceries.

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What Does 420 Friendly NOT Mean?

So, we know that being ‘420 friendly’ simply means your tolerant of marijuana use. 

But there a few theories or myths going around – as we mentioned there’s the theory that 420 is a police dispatch code for smoking pot. In reality for the police force, the 420 code is actually used for homicide in many jurisdictions. Pretty bleak.  

Some people also think 420 is the number of chemical compounds in cannabis. Not true!

Also you may have also heard the one about 420 referring to the date Bob Marley died. Nope, he died May 11, 1981. And neither is the date referring to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin or Jim Morrison’s death.

Simply, 420 started as a form of casual vernacular between cannabis enthusiasts, which eventually evolved into a internationally recognized day to celebrate and promote cannabis use!

As for all the latest and greatest when it comes to cannabis information and its responsible use, stay tuned and follow our blog!