Tuesday, April 16, 2024


What’s your cannabis lifestyle like?

Even though Canada legalized weed in 2018, the cannabis lifestyle and its culture have been developing for centuries before weed was popular in North America. While hash is an incredibly popular concentrate, it’s far from the first. Charas, a kind of finger-hash, originated in the Indian subcontinent hundreds of years ago and is still consumed today. Some scholars suggest that cannabis consumption might even go back thousands of years!

However, the cannabis lifestyle goes beyond the consumption of weed and weed products! It involves a system of rituals, practices, and customs that make cannabis culture what it is today. Respecting the unspoken puff-puff-pass rule, always allowing the person who rolled the joint to hit it first, and dealing with the consequences of a green out when smoking too much weed have all defined what it means to live the cannabis lifestyle.

What’s your take? Many tokers and smokers like to wind down the evening with a smooth burning indica joint. Others enjoy taking a sativa with them for their summer hikes. Whatever the case may be, your cannabis lifestyle is unique to you and you alone. So whether you’re a hit-it-and-quit-it kind of smoker or one with big lungs, our blog has a variety of fun and interesting ideas and topics to help you live your best cannabis lifestyle. Books to read while high, an assortment of music to listen to, and even tips on having sex while high! Herb Approach has got you completely covered.

What’s your cannabis lifestyle?

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