Monday, May 27, 2019
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sex while high

Having Sex While High: Best Strains and Activities for the Bedroom

We already know weed can enhance our senses and our experiences - food tastes better, pain lessens, anxiety fades into the background - but...

How are THC and THCA Different? 7 Major Differences for Beginners

Is it THCA vs THC? or...THCA and THC? ..what about THCA then THC? Right. The relationship between cannabinoids is hard enough to keep tabs on these...
Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking Cannabis Differences for First-Timers

A lot of people may enjoy edibles more than smoking as they don’t enjoy the harsh experience of inhaling cannabis. When smoking, the effects are felt instantly and may be very strong. Edibles however will have a longer lasting effect, and if consumed in the proper dosage it will be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Benefits of Vaping Featured

Advantages and Benefits of Vaping Cannabis Over Smoking

When it comes to the benefits of vaping cannabis, there’s A LOT of rhetoric out there. Budtenders, your closest friends, and, even, your neighborhood...
420 Friendly

The Most 420 Friendly Cities in the World

As the laws start to loosen, travelers begin to embark on a new reason for travel.  Adventure Travel, Eco Tourism, Sun Destinations, we've heard them all.  Without further ado, we bring you Stoner Tourism!
Toronto First Cannabis HotelToronto First Cannabis Hotel

Toronto’s ‘first-ever’ cannabis hotel is more complicated than it seems

A new hotel seems to have opened up for the discerning cannabis traveller, right in the heart of Toronto. Just don’t expect Grateful Dead posters and...
labor shortage

Canadian colleges fill labor shortage in pot industry

Beleave Kannabis Corp. wants to grow more than just weed. The Ontario marijuana company aims to build an empire of plant scientists, regulatory experts and...
Ontario Cannabis Store

Bugs Being Found in Ontario Cannabis Store Weed

Canada’s nationwide legalization of cannabis was supposed to drive out the unlicensed, unregulated retail market. But in Ontario, cannabis consumers are increasingly turning away...
Open Air Marijuana Growing

An Ontario Producer Wants to Plant Canada’s First Open-air Crop

In a groundbreaking move, an Ontario cannabis producer intends to plant a legal crop of open-air pot for the first time in Canada this...
Marijuana Stigma not Existent

America’s Marathon Man is Living Proof that Marijuana’s Stigma is Unfounded

Running is an activity you either love or hate. For some, it’s a transcendental experience often compared to meditation. For others, it triggers avoidant...